Raging Contest DAY 6/14: WIN Ash, Tank Gunner (JB)

Raging Contest DAY 6/14: WIN Ash, Tank Gunner (JB) bit.ly/JailbirdAsh

It's day 6 of our contest and the amazing miniatures just keep on coming! This time it's Ash, the Jailbird Tank Gunner. Ash's pose and equipment make her an ideal alternative command group model for wargaming, or perfect for a sci-fi diorama. The choice is yours!

To enter, follow the link bit.ly/JailbirdAsh, click on the Review Tab and enter a Comment, telling us which unit and game you'd like to use her in.

Can't wait for her? Buy her now with 10% off until Jan 31, AND if you win, you’ll get a store credit for double her value! Yes, double! Check out our page bit.ly/ArthemisiA to enter yesterday's contest and check back tomorrow for a new model to win!

The winner will be selected in the week of Feb. 8, 2016, please read the the contest rules here.

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