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January 24, 2016

Raging Contest DAY 8/14: WIN Ivanka Kurganova (Snow Version), Battalion Commander (KST) - bit.ly/SnowIvanka

Day 8 of our contest and this time we're offering you a chance to win Ivanka Kurganova. Beautiful, but deadly, Ivanka is a fearless commander, leading from the front and taking the fight to the heart of the enemy! She comes with varied weapon options too, making her perfect for any games that give you the option to choose your load out and personalise your miniatures.

To enter, follow the link bit.ly/SnowIvanka, click on the Review Tab and enter a Comment  letting us know which unit and game you'd use her in.

Not good at waiting? Well, then buy her now with 10% off until Jan 31! AND if you win, you’ll get a store credit for double her value! Yes, double! Check out our page bit.ly/VonX to enter yesterday's contest and check back tomorrow for a new model to win!

The winner will be selected in the week of Feb 8, 2016, please read the thecontest rules here.

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