Mantis masters are in

The Mantis prototypes are currently being off to the resin and metal foundries, which means that a few days ago, we received the masters in our offices… Once again, 't was a bit like Christmas at Raging Heroes! So to share the cheers, here are a few pictures! Follow the links for more images...

The Preying Mantis are a 10 figures unit. The minis are all customizable thanks to separate right arms and heads, that can fit and be repositioned on any of the Mantis bodies.

We were already quite happy with the results obtained with the Blood Vestals, but the quality of Mantis is again one notch up.
This is partly due to the arms and interchangeable heads, but also thanks to the experience gained during the creation of the Vestals, which allowed us to refine several details.

Beauty and the Beast! Goes to show once again that our Legendary Gluttony is truly HUGE.

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