Preying Mantis - Raging Heroes

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Preying Mantis

10 customisable Mantis warriors in white metal, + optional Command Group (CG) Accessories' Kit: →Choose using the drop-down menu

Mantis Box content
10 bodies + 10 heads + 1 Leader head + 10 right arms + 10 round 25 mm bases
 • All parts are swappable and can be rotated thanks to ball joints
 • Minis are 28mm scale

    Command Group Accessories' Kit (CG KIT)
    • 1 new Leader head
    • 1 Musician's arm with a musical instrument
    • 1 Standard Bearer's arm with a standard

    COLLECTOR'S EDITION (resin) – Currently Out of production

    Check out the NEW Mantis, TGG2 edition:
    New sculpts, all resin: Command Group and TROOPS

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