Preying Mantis

Nearly out of stock, but a new version, the TGG2 Mantis Warriors, is coming out soon! Drop us a note at to be the first to know when the new ones are out and to get a special discount on them.

10 customisable Mantis warriors in white metal,
(or in high quality resin for the Collector's Edition,)
+ optional Command Group (CG) Accessories' Kit
Choose using drop-down menu

10 bodies + 10 heads + 1 Leader head + 10 right arms
+ 20 bases 25mm (10 square + 10 round).
All parts are swappable and can be rotated thanks to ball joints.

• 1 new Leader head
• 1 Musician's arm with a musical instrument
• 1 Standard Bearer's arm with a standard

COLLECTOR'S EDITION (resin) – Limited Quantities
Identical to the metal edition, but cast in high quality resin.
Only small quantities are available each month because of production constraints.
Can only be purchased here.

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Check out our Blood Vestals

28mm scale
White metal (or high quality resin for the Collector's Edition)

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