Blood Vestals - Troop - Raging Heroes

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Blood Vestals - Troop

Five deadly Blood Vestals to terrorize and destroy your opponents.
Box contains 5 different Blood Vestals and 5 round 25mm bases.


• Complete your army with the Blood Vestals Command Group for 10 unique poses.
• Check out this charismatic heroine to lead your troops: Skaryaa the Blood Mistress.

28mm scale
Excellent fit with most major Fantasy games
White metal

Video made by our Ukrainian reseller Spellscape

We chose the more dynamic poses for the Troops.
You'll also notice that several of the characters in the Troops box have their arms and weapons away from their body. This gives you the option of slightly bending them or even replace weapons to create new poses.
And three of the five Vestals have a pose that is more of a profile view. This allows you to have them looking to the right, the left, or straight ahead, depending how you position them on their base.

As for the two soldiers in the Command Group, they have more hieratic, still poses that we felt worked well to add charisma to the Command Group.

Designed by Benoit Guerville. Sculpted by Benoit Guerville and Jean-Romain Barrau.