Kahn-Urkan now shipping!

Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadows, can be played as a Warrior, Demon, or Magical Creature for any Vampire, Dark Elf, Chaos, or other Evil Armies. He is available in two versions:
- The Heroic version stands 150mm tall and fits on a 20mm base.
- The Legendary version stands 250mm tall and fits on a 40mm base.

The least that can be said of Kahn-Urkan is that he's an super-sized character, with each wing being 110mm long for Heroic Kahn-Urkan, and 200mm for Legendary Kahn-Urkan. He's also a weighty one: Legendary Kahn-Urkan is 400 g of white metal, not counting its resin bat wings.

The kit with all of its options contains over 15 pieces, and you can choose between Bat wings and Thorn wings.

Below are photos of the commercial casts.
Check out the Heroic and Legendary Kahn-Urkan pages for more pictures and background.



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