New Manticore Wings – Lamassu Concept – Availability

Dec.16 edit: Now available for pre-order here!

After taking in your many comments and suggestions, we're happy to show the new Manticore version with its brand new wings. Once the last details are done, the Manticore will be off for 3Dprinting this week. We are aiming to have it in stock just before Christmas. We will take pre-orders once the moulds are made.

As you may also know, we also decided to propose an alternative Lamassu head which will be compatible with the Manticore's body. Here is the concept for it. The sculpting is almost done and we will unveil it this week.

The idea for a Lamassu was suggested by Grimstonefire who has therefore won himself his Lamassu miniature. If you don't already know, you can suggest ideas for minis. If we do decide to create it, you automatically win a copy of it.

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