Who'd buy a Manticore?

Dec.16 edit: Now available for pre-order here!

Read on to the end of this post to see the many new details we added on November 3, 2010.

An evil creature is currently being conceived in our laboratories. So far, we're pretty happy with the result but as it's a fairly expensive piece to produce, we want to be sure that it is something you want. The Manticore would be provided with the Dark Elf wingless version of Heroic Lord of Shadows Kahn-Urkan. Its price would be 39.90 Euros.

What do you think? Do you like her look? Do you see easily take place in your army? Tell us all…

Additional info added on Nov. 3, 2010:

- Regarding the wings, we liked the torn and gnarled look but the many comments on this forum and on our blog have made us reconsider that and we are currently reworking the wings texture to that effect.

- The idea for the claws on the wings came from our brilliant concept artist Ignatius, who pushed the scorpion theme to the end. If you look carefully the creature's back, you'll see that insectoid legs stem from the scales and hold tight to the lion's rib cage and so, the claws on the tip of the wings are like the pincers of a scorpion. It's as if we scorpion was wrapped around a lion and had fused with it. We particularly liked this idea and went with it. As for the head, as a Manticore is supposed to have a lion's mane but a human face with a rather demonic aspect, this is the direction we took.

- On our images, the tail seems in a rather stiff position, this is mainly for moulding purposes. Depending on the material in which the Manticore will be produced (metal or resin), we'll give it more swing. You'll see it in the definitive renders we will post before sending it to the foundry.

- Some have noticed that the beast's claws should be more closed on its base. Good point, but in fact, that's because we're not quite done with the base yet. We are working on making it lighter and so the posing of the paws and claws will be done afterwards.

- There has been many discussions regarding the possible rider for the Manticore. Everybody seems to have their own wants on this one, which we quite understand. Therefore, we think we might find a good alternative by offering a pair of legs in armour (probably Kahn-Urkan's), which allows you to add the torso of your choice: a heavier one for a Chaos warrior, a lighter one for a Dark Elf, or even to discard the legs completely to use the Manticore in a transformation spell.

- As perhaps mentioned before, some have seen a possible Lamassu conversion with this Manticore, and so we are sculpting an alternate head to meet that need.

- We have increased the miniature's size above and beyond our original plans. Check out the definitive images and size, and pre-order now!

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