Manticore with Lady Kashala

A formidable beast for your evil armies!

Box includes our remastered Manticore, a scenic base, and a brand new rider completely independent from the beast : Lady Kashala (from the TGG2 Kickstarter!). 

The Manticore can be customised with our Shedu/Sphinx Head, sold separately for 6,50 Euros.

  • For Dark Elven armies
  • Scale: 28 mm (140 mm from bottom of base to tip of wings, Wingspan 150 mm)
  • Fits into a regular unit on a 40mm base
  • Resin
  • The rider's legs are separated from the torso so that another one can be substituted if desired.
  • A separate rond plastic base is NOT included.

Need help? Check our tutorial video:

See also our assembly guide (1.8 Mb pdf, right click and Save link to download).

Model released late 2016

    Collections: The TGG2

    Category: Monster, Mounted Hero, TGG2

    Army: Dark Elves (DE - F)