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TGG2 - Update #5: New Freebie, Bonus Unlock, Dark and Flesh Elves Background, Mascots + a Survey, Free Upgrades and more...

March 30, 2015 6 min read

The TGG2 Kickstarter campaign is here! Hurry, only a few days left!!!

New Freebie: Sephea, Executrix Champion

Sephea is an Executrix or Long Sword Champion. You'll be able to use her both in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, as she will come with a removable cyber face mask/respirator.

2,000 Backers Bonus Unlock

As we've just passed the 2,000 backers mark, here's a bonus Stretch Goal to celebrate this event!

From Dark Elves to Flesh Elves

Until now, we've mostly shared Sci-Fi fluff, so it's time we talk about Fantasy too.

The Elves are one of the oldest sentient life form ever. But when the world was young, they were quite different from now... Each Elf integrated two different parts: a vegetal one and an animal one. In a simple way, one could say that there was a living breathing body merged with a tree. The tree stayed rooted in one place forever, but the animal body was free to roam the world. The tree provided shelter, a strong base, a place to regenerate and replenish one's strength. The animal body brought the experience of the outside world, the elation of moving freely, the joy of exploration.

Living in perfect symbiosis, these two parts complemented each other perfectly, and Elves lived in harmony and happiness. There were several kinds of Elves, several tribes, each with its own makeup such as different animal and vegetal forms.

But this wouldn't last. Rivalries arose between the tribes. At first, they were tempered by the trees' wisdom. But the animal forms were impatient and excitable. One day, one tribe committed the irreparable: going into a grove where elven trees had been left alone without their animal counterparts, they burned them to the ground. The connexion between the trees and their animal forms was so strong that, even miles away, their animals were instantly covered in burns, their naked flesh transforming into black coal. They who had been so supple and handsome were suddenly burnt, black and brittle. But most of all, when they returned to the grove, their trees were gone. They had lost the most precious thing in their life, their halves gone forever.

Despite other tribes begging for a peaceful solution to this unspeakable aggression, the Fire War spread. For months, nights turned red with raging fires. Elves by the thousands lost their tree forms and turned coal black. Vengeance became their only solace.

When the Fire War finally ended, the Elf population had dwindled to almost nothing. The few tribes that did not give into war managed to force the Burnt Elves to leave, so that they would no longer be a menace to the remaining forests.

The Burnt Elves disappeared to lick their wounds. They found sanctuary in a faraway land and sought magic to rid themselves of “The Burn”. Most of their bodies were now of cracked and brittle coal, stiff and creaky and fragile like burnt branches. For centuries, they tried all the remedies they could find. A potent of black magic eventually somehow removed the burns. But their souls could never be appeased.

On the dark journey to healing, several Burnt Elves Sorceresses stumbled into even darker ways. They bound their bodies to twisted demonic forces, going very much beyond what any Elves had gone before. Their new bodies appeared to have no more limitations. They could grow new limbs at will. They could make graceful amazing moves at speeds no other Elves could match. They were reborn into something that surpassed their previous vegetal-animal symbiosis.

And this came with a heavy price... Possessed by entities that had transformed them into wicked killing machines, the Flesh Elves were something that even the Burnt Elves recoiled from...

Why Are There Mascots in the TGG?

Below, the Art Director and the Sculpt Supervisor discuss one of the upcoming Mascots... They usually have more energy, but this was after a particularly long all-nighter......

If you followed our first Kickstarter, you may now that some of out most popular miniatures are the mascots for each army. This idea came to be when we launched our first box of the Kurganova Sisters and their cigar-smoking Prussian-helmeted war bulldog Charlie

With Kickstarter, we thought it would be a good idea to give every army its mascot. The Jailbirds got Harry the Baby Hippo, an all-time favourite. The Iron Empire has Jinx, the evil-plotting fur-less oversized sphinx cat. And the Kurganovas got an updated version Charlie with a Napoleonic hat.

Our goal with the Mascots is to bring a little fun in an otherwise dark and grim setting. Of course, we aim to match the mascot to the spirit of the faction it's attached to. But we do it in a tongue-in-cheek way, thinking of these little characters as sidekicks, such as you'd see in a Pixar or Dreamworks animation.

So it's not just about the choice of an animal by itself, it's really all about its attitude and personality.

New Mascot: Tell us what you think!

We have already planned a mascot for the Dark Elves, an inseparable pair of mascots for the Sisters, but we're having a hard time agreeing on the best mascot for the Lust Elves, so we thought we'd ask for your assistance. 

Can you please as soon as possible tell us what should be the Lust Elves' mascot with this survey, and what personality it should have? We'll keep you posted in an upcoming Update. 

Direct Survey link:

Free Upgrades

Now that we've passed the $500,000 mark, we will soon start unveiling the Free Upgrades.

The Free Upgrades are very cool: they will add new stuff to already unlocked figures. Mostly, it will be additional alternative heads and body parts to create even more customisable troops. There will also be additional weapons to make better-looking champions or to give heavy weaponry to some of the troopers. There will even be complete miniatures added to the All-Star boxes (see Update 3 for info on All-Star boxes). 

We will start posting a first map of the upcoming Free Upgrades tomorrow. They will begin at $500,000 and will be sprinkled between the regular Stretch Goals. So some will already be unlocked tomorrow when we post them.

Quick Tips

Elves Terminology

What additional piece of information you can infer from the background described above is that our Fantasy Dark Elves will be called the Burnt Elves the Fantasy version of the Lust Elves will be called the Flesh Elves the Sci-Fi Dark Elves will be called Void Elves.

We don't think this matters much at the moment, so to avoid confusion during the campaign, we will mostly stick to Sci-Fi Dark Elves and Fantasy Dark Elves, and Sci-Fi Lust Elves and Fantasy Lust Elves, as these terms are more generic and probably make sense to more people.

Pace of the Kickstarter

Campaign If this is your first Kickstarter and you're wondering why the campaign’s growth appears to have slowed, please know that this is perfectly normal. It's the same with most Kickstarters, and particularly with all-miniatures Kickstarters. They start with a big bang, slow down to a more normal rate after that, and pick up again in the last 2 or 3 days, when once again, the campaign gets as crazy as at launch time.

Indeed, we can tell you that we have a significant number of backers sitting at the $1 pledge level and either watching the campaign from afar, or waiting for the 48-hour reminder that Kickstarter send out, which usually reboots the campaign. So everything is normal and par for the course.

Nevertheless, recruiting new backers (or encouraging the $1 backers to jump in at a higher level now) will help unlock new minis faster, so don't hesitate to share this campaign everywhere you can think of. Here are some tools to help you.

  • The link to share is:
  • If you want to embed the campaign somewhere, you can use the code on top of this page: click on the “Share this project” Button just below the video and the short description of TGG2 KS campaign, and choose Embed. Try it, it looks pretty cool!

  • Banner : You can put the handsome banner below on your blog, or as you signature in forum posts, or anywhere else you can think of... Just grab this image (right click and save link on your computer), then, when you upload it elsewhere, please link it to the campaign:


You've brought to our attention that we may have understated the size of the Hydra. You are quite correct. It should be larger. Here's the updated chart:

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