TGG2 - UPDATE #4: Fourth Freebie, Resurrection Story, Shipping Explained, Drop Ship Option, Pledge Manager, Large Creatures' Size Comparison

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OK, today, we go for a more technical Update. It's probably a bit less sexy, but we know that this information is important. But first, an image and a bit of background...

New Freebie: Doralys, Virgin Oracle

Doralys suffered a similar, although less traumatising experience as Santa Dolores (see below). She has become powerful seer, endlessly roaming through the tangled fabric of time.

The Strange Experience of Resurrection

The Holy Water that springs from the depth of Cathedra, the capital of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy (cf. The Sisters of Eternal Mercy: the Birth of Cathedra in our previous Update) has the power to rejuvenate and resurrect.

But the Resurrection Process is not necessarily an easy one. It largely depends on the circumstances of the death, and on the past experience of the resurrected.

Santa Dolores is probably the most troubling case of what resurrection can bring.

There's a deep and lasting impact to being resurrected. In some cases, the resurrected develop new sensibilities. Sometimes, they can even develop full-blown psychic powers such as mind-reading, telekinesis or foresight.

Santa Dolores is a martyr. She was a high-ranking dignitary of the Sisters' order. She was ambushed by assassins who furiously stabbed her to death. Her body was rescued from he assailants but life had already left her physical envelope. She was quickly brought to a resurrection chamber. But the trauma of the sudden attack, the spirits who were already fighting to take her soul, and a too-hasty resurrection process created a strong psychic storm that left her trapped in the very moment of her rebirth, perpetually torn between the ecstasy of coming back to life and the torment of hew own death. She is now one of the most powerful psychic.

Shipping Explained

We thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit more about shipping, as it looks like maybe some of you have missed our info on this topic on the front page of the Kickstarter..

We've come to realise that there is a strange paradox in Kickstarter: the more a Kickstarter is successful, the more backers have put funds into it, the longer they have to wait for their rewards as production takes longer. This is not good! Not for the backers, and not for the project creators. It creates much frustration and pressure for everyone. To alleviate that, based on the shipping experience we gained from our previous Kickstarter, we've come up with a new system that should help a lot with this.

This system will allow you to choose exactly how and when you want your rewards shipped once they've been produced. Basically, you'll be able to determine exactly how many separate shipments you wish to receive.

You can always decided to select the cheapest option, that is, to wait until everything you want to have been produced, and get all in a single shipment. But from the feedback we got from the previous KS, we strongly suggest that you treat yourself to two or more shipments during the production phase. The shipments are weight-based, so smaller parcels are of course less expensive than larger ones.

Each extra shipment you purchase will likely be less expensive than buying a round of drinks to your pals on a Friday night. Plus, you won't end up with a huge pile of minis to paint all at once. In a way, it will be a little like Christmas every time you get a new TGG2 package... Indeed, just check the comments and videos of the backers who received their TGG Freebies to see how they feel about receiving that small shipment (more comments our Facebook page, too).

Just so you know, it would be less work (and less expensive) for us to send you everything in one big parcel once every single Reward is produced and in stock. But hey, like you, we're passionate about miniatures, and we know how frustrating it is to wait.

If you've missed the Shipping Information on the TGG2 KS front page, here it is again:

From our experience with our previous Kickstarter, we have created a new shipping system:

The shipping fees will be collected AFTER the Kickstarter, during the Pledge Manager. The Pledge Manager is the tool that we use so that you can tell us which minis you want.

As new Rewards become available to ship, you will get to choose if you want them right away or wait for more to be produced before getting a shipment. This way, you decide exactly how many shipments you get, how often, and how much you spend on shipping.

Therefore, the shipping fees will be collected after the Kickstarter, each time you ask us to send you a parcel.

Shipping will be weight-based. As a rough estimate, to-date, shipping the content of a Captain Box costs about $12 to ship to France, $22 to ship to the European Union, $28 to ship for the rest of the world.

While there is a very strong chance that you will receive all of your Rewards way before they become available at retail, there is always a possibility that some TGG2 minis go on sale before then, especially if you choose to save on Shipping costs and wait for ALL the TGG2 minis to be produced before receiving your Rewards Selection. We believe that the very special deal, the Freebies, and the exclusive content we provide with the TGG2 KS largely compensates for this slight possibility. However, if you are not comfortable with this, please do not back this KS and wait for the TGG2 to be available at retail.

What about the Drop Ship Option?

Another option you have will be to use our Drop Ship Option.

On TGG1, we offered the Drop Ship Retailers system. We combine the shipments of 3 backers or more, and sent that big parcel to their approved retailer. We do this 3 times (so, 3 shipments), but the backer only pays for shipping once.

We plan to offer this option for TGG2 also, but we need to see the final size of the campaign before we go into details. No worries, though, all shipping-related stuff will be dealt with after the campaign ends and before the Pledge Manager opens.

If you're curious, here are the previous Drop Ship Locations. It is likely that most of the retailers on this list will participate for the TGG2 campaign, but to date, none have been formally confirmed. This will happen between the end of the TGG2 campaign and the opening of its Pledge Manager.

Want to suggest a new Drop Ship Location? Simply ask your retailers to complete this form, and we'll get back to them after the KS campaign is over.

Choosing your Rewards in the Pledge Manager

It's a bit early to start talking about this, but we know it's always a concern. As with TGG1, we will open the Pledge Manager only when we are ready to deliver a First Wave of Rewards. Therefore, you will be making your Rewards Selection for those minis based on renders and/or photos.

Here is how the Pledge Manager is planned to work:

It will be exactly like a regular web shop. You'll have a “Store Credit” based on your pledge. First, you won't be able to spend it!

We will populate the web shop with all the unlocked concept form the campaign, and you will have to make a “Wish List” based on those concepts. This Wish List will not be binding, but it will help us determine the quantities we need to produce for each reference.

Then, every time we have new minis going off to the foundry, we will update the Pledge Manager with their renders/photos and you will be able to amend you Wish List if you want, and also, if you are ready to get a shipment, to move the ones you want from your WishList to your “cart”. You'll be able to do this as often as you wish during the production phase, whenever new minis go off to the foundry.

Large TGG2 Miniatures Size Comparison

It's always a bit hard to have a good understanding of the final size of the minis when they're still at the concept stage. So we've this chart to help you get a better feeling of what they will look like.

We would always want to make them as big as possible, but we also have to deal with such mundane things as production costs, the space they take in the mould, and the size of their basing. Therefore, slight variations from this chart may occur form this chart, but this is where we're heading.

You will also notice that inconsistencies appear on some of the characters. For example, the bodies escaping from the Cyber-Mother's “mouth” look way too big to be human-sized. This will be changed later in the sculpt. As a rule of thumb, please refer to the overall size of the piece, and not to some of its components.

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