Spirit of the Woods - New views - WIP

New images as we race to finish our Spirit of the Woods.
(These images below are 3D sculpts)

Again, please note that those image is not the definitive sculpt, we are still working on it. We’ve received interesting feedback from our blog readers (see earlier blog entry comments). We already had several ideas in mind, but some very interesting alternatives were suggested. This got us brainstorming, leading us to no less than 15 concepts for Spirits, for all kinds of armies. They will be angels, demons or elemental creatures. Comments so far lead us to believe that there’s quite a need for such minis, so we’re hard at work creating the first concepts and hope to be able to share them with you soon. And considering the demand, we’ll very likely begin with Demon Spirits.

Also some of you have asked for a smaller version that would allow for basing on a standard 20×20mm base, so we are considering this possibility.

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