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The Orphanage of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy

January 28, 2010 2 min read

For this project, we enlisted the very talented Ignatius Tan. If you play a human army with medieval or Renaissance knights, be ready to welcome into your ranks the Sisters of the Orphanage of Eternal Mercy. And this time, it is not a simple Command Group, but an entire Unit!

The mission of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy is to care for street children, and they will not allow anyone to touch even one strand of hair of their little darlings. Unless of course they are completely overrun by their rambunctious urchins …

The unit will stage the Sisters and the children in a very dynamic way, in a series of small scenes that will come together as a complete tableau.

It can be used to represent a unit of regular warriors armed with one-handed weapons and light armours, like an infantry troop, a militia, etc.

Here’s a small teaser image for you.
We are very interested to hear your feedback on this project and, particularly, to know how many minis this unit should include, in your opinion, and what kind of equipment should they have. Again, please comment on our blog right here.

Edit: In a post dated January 26, 2013, we wrote:
If you happen to have thoroughly combed through the Raging Heroes' blog, you might remember The Orphanage of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy, a very early project of ours.
Well, the Sisters are about to see the light. We've been working on a futuristic Paladin Sisterhood army for quite some time now and we have a lot of stuff tucked away for this.
We're not releasing anything yet, to avoid confusion with the first [Toughest Girls of the Galaxy] Kickstarter project. However, we would very much like to get your input on this project, so don't hesitate to write us with your suggestions.
This project is likely to become another Kickstarter.

sisters of the orphanage

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