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March 15, 2016 4 min read

Day 12 of our contest saw the Kurganova's Armoured Division Commander Elektra Eisenstein up for grabs.

Elektra has a real smouldering, femme fatale look to her and is probably one of our most iconic commander miniatures. In the comments, she scored highly, not only as a 40k  proxy, but also for Dust, Deadzone and even Infinity.

For me, she'd definitely be commanding a super-heavy tank. I've become quite nifty with neodymium magnets over the years and I think I'd try and give her the option to be both base mounted, or standing on her tank. Perfect when it's on the shelf between battles.

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

John Pope said:

Great alternate model to use as a Nisse Lt in Infinity.

Thanks John. She's definitely got the right coat on for Icestorm and it's always cool to see our minis getting some Infinity proxy action :-)

Jason with:

One of my favorite miniatures! When I get my hands on her she'll be leading a company of Leman Russ Battle Tanks from GW. Possibly a Baneblade commander. Regardless, she'll be an imposing figure!

Great idea Jason and she's definitely a girl I could see rolling at the front of a tank company. Surveying the terrain ahead and waiting for that first crack of combat to snap in, before dropping in to the belly of her tank and beginning to issue orders.

Ville Hyttinen with:

This here miniature is your new commander. No matter the game, or even in real life this will lead and you shall follow.

Great passion Ville and it's good to know she inspires such unwavering loyalty!

Hoshi with:

Olala Frau Kommissar. Beautiful model in a heroic pose. With the officer hat, she is born to be a Kommissar for a Warhammer 40K imperial army. However she would also be a perfect add on for my Sororitas command group.

---- Ste Chandler with:

Elektra would make an awesome alternative to an Imperial Commissar

---- Manteuffel with:

I love to use her in my imperial ermee as an commissar or general. i like her optic so much. both heads are very nice!

Proxy Commissar is definitely another great fit for Elektra. The mix of inspirational and imposing, disciplined actions and unwavering heroics... exactly what the troops need!

Kyle with:

Commissar... or Primarch? I think that it goes without saying that this model would make a perfect Commissar for a 'guard army, but she would make a great base model for a female Primarch for my second Legion army that I've been planning for a long time. I don't think that the 1500(ish) character limit in this comment box is enough to explain why/how she is a female Primarch, so let me just sum it up with a single word: Slaanesh.

Wow! Pushing the boat out with our first proxy Primarch recommendation, thanks Kyle! I like your thinking too and you're right... with Slaanesh, anything is possible.

Pedro Hidalo with:

Space Wolf Maiden!! I don't know if space wolves take this women to the war... but if are like that they must. What a couple with Logan...
I'm not sure either Pedro, but what a great idea! Truly a Shield Maiden to be reckoned with... her pelt might explain why there's no wolves on Fenris too.

Todd Falk with:

The poise and confidence of this figure is completely represented for this figure. Loving the alternate hat. But my conversion idea is very minor. Instead of her standing on a base, she'd be positioned to stand in or around the turret of a nice battle tank, fearing no shakey terrain.

I struggled to choose which hat to go with too Todd. The dress cap is cool, but I quite like the idea of the other one being a tankers hat, so it doesn't keep getting knocked off in the confined space of the tank. I love your idea too, this is where she lives in my collection!

Today's lucky winner though is Patrick Fish with:

Such a gorgeous pose. And I know, I know. most people would put her in some sort of Imperial Guard army in 40k. But me? (seriously, being the Eldar fan I am?) A supremely awesome and eccentric Eldar Corsair princess. Or a Baron. *puts on sunglasses* yeaaah.

They call it speed-dating. Owner says our victim had 15 dates.
Well, you know what they say Frank, speed kills...

Thanks for all your entries Patrick! Made me smile every day and I'm glad your persistence paid off. I love the CSI David Caruso style finish too! Well played :-)

I hope she finds a great home in your Eldar army and we'd love to see some photos?

Congratulations Patrick!

Well, after yesterdays antics I've getting this show back on track for the grand finale tomorrow! Taking my cue from the biggest wargames company of them all, I'm saying stuff the rules, we're turning it up to 11.

See you tomorrow for the final winner!

Jon Simpson

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