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March 14, 2016 3 min read

Day 12 of our contest saw the craziest Jailbird of them all, Punky, Army Standard available to win!

I was a bit worried we'd get some proper crazy suggestions for Punky, but you came through and we got yet more superb wargames proxy ideas! It would appear if she's ever looking for a holiday, there are some death world jungle fighters out there who would be happy to have her! Not to mention, several thoroughly nice chaos warbands and even some alien space pirates! She get's all the best jobs.

For me, she'd definitely be in my dream team HQ command squad...

Officer: Raven, The Chainbreaker
Medic: Mad Nurse Bernadette
Special Weapon: Coyote Crew Trooper with special weapon
Comm-Caster: Mimi the Radio
Company Banner: Punky, Army Standard

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Richard Steinfelder said:

She stands at the objective and invites the enemy to come and get her, knowing that she will make them pay all the way and send their sorry asses back to their base - only to claim that too at the forefront of my catachan warhammer 40k army

Great vision Richard! Punky has definitely got the look of someone who would do a great job of antagonising the enemy, luring them into an angry, unplanned action and laughing the entire time!

Kory Lorenz with:

Would make a great addition to an ASTRA MILITARUM "Penal Legion" squad.

This is a great proxy idea Kory and definitely the kind of role I can imagine Punky in. Of course when anyone asks why she got arrested in the first place, she'll never give the same story twice :-)

Andre J with:

Wouldn't you follow here?! I use her as a Centerpiece for Chaos Cultist Horde: "Do like I say, or I kill myself!"

I love it Andre! She certainly looks like the chaos gods might have had some influence on her sanity and with the knife arm option, she'd fit right in with the proxy chaos brigade!

diezehell with:

Punk is not dead. Surtout des idées de diorama, ou d'état major version punk/post apo, en Joker pour Eden.
(Gives ideas for dioramas, or HQ punk/post apocapyptic or Joker Gang for Eden the skirmish game)

Always nice to see Eden getting some love, thanks diezehell. Great idea and made me think, she'd probably make a good Joker proxy too inspired by the upcoming Suicide Squad!


Viva La Revolution! Great miniature! Would fit in any post-apocalyptic game but I'd buy just for the fun of painting her.

Thanks P.A. I love a good banner on a miniature when it comes to painting. I'm not great at freehand designs, but my rough and ready style works well on the Jailbirds range and at least you get plenty of space on the standard!

Thomas T with:

She's a shoe-in for my Chaos Renegades command squad-- the standard-bearer, of course. Time to rise up and take the power back...

Punky definitely has the raw anarchy look down and would probably be right at home in a proxy chaos renegades role. Nice one Thomas!

Johnny Bash with:

Anything but standard. She'd make an awesome standard bearer for one of my Astra Militarum command groups!

Anything but standard... I see what you did and I like it :-) Despite her outward reputation, I can imagine Punky as a proxy in an Astra Militarum command group role. She'd be the one the commander keeps around for those random flashes of off the wall genius, that you just don't get from a logical mind.

Today's lucky winner though is Kévin Guillotin with:

She would be perfect in a G.I. army ( wait, it isn't astralo-interstellaire millitarum now? :x )

Thanks Kévin! Punky would be a great fit as a 40Kproxy, perhaps in some kind of prisoner rehabilitation program... or a penal legion as the Astro, err Astra Military, err Militorium, err... Imperial Guardlike to call them :-) 

I hope she finds a great home in your army and we'd love to see some photos?

Congratulations Kévin!

Turns out my advert ended up on a dating website and instead of my request for a "wildly entertaining act"attracting the likes of Rusted, liked I'd hoped, I got a message from Punky instead.

We bought tickets for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest at the Jailbirds Thunderdome Cinema. It was going OK until someone complained about Punky's banner blocking their view and let's just say things got a bit heated after that. The last thing I remember was Parker telling everyone to get out and I think I fell over a baby hippo in the stampede...

See you tomorrow for the next winner!

Jon Simpson

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