New Releases - Lieutenant Colonel Krüger and Lady Sigrith

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Alongside everyone's favourite Necro Priestess, Nepharya, our new releases this month also saw a couple more miniatures join our Iron Empire range, Lieutenant Colonel Krüger and the Great Embalmer, Lady Sigrith

Lieutenant Colonel Krüger comes with 2 head options, giving you a sensible helmet, or the ever popular, heroic face in the breeze choice to make. Decisions, decisions...

This is a great proxy figure for anyone looking for a squad leader or champion, understated, but a great way of adding an interesting model to a unit of troops.

She's also a perfect fit for our Iron Empire Squad boxes, the regular Reapers Command (shown below) and Troops, or the more heavily armoured Iron Storm Command and Troops.

Carrying on the Iron Empire's legacy of necromantic dabbling, we have Lady Sigrith, Great Embalmer, who comes with 2 head options and 2 left arm options.

Lady Sigrith is highly ranked within the Iron Empire aristocracy and probably one of the most well versed in the Aegyptian lore and mysteries.

In charge of many funeral and necromantic tasks, she supervises the proper embalming and restoration of her dead compatriots. Restoration is a long and complex process, which the Iron Empire use to bring the dead back as fully functioning undead. 

Lady Sigrith is also in charge of the scavenging parties, who scour the battlefield for suitable enemy corpses to bring back to life as cyber-zombies. These are a highly desirable commodity with the Iron Empire, in demand both as troops for the army and as bodyguards for high-ranking personalities.

The cyber-zombies are created through a much cruder process than the one used for the restoration of the Iron Empire's own deceased citizens. Where many of the restored are almost indistinguishable from living humans, no such confusion could ever exist with the cyber-zombies, who look like disarticulated morbid puppets. A vision which only adds to their fearsome reputation on the battlefield!

During battle, Lady Sigrith uses the varied aspects of her necromantic powers to instantly revive some of the deceased before their soul has escaped, as well as reanimating enemy corpses, forcing the enemy to destroy their undead comrades.

(cyber-zombie shown below)

Both minatures are in our heroic 28mm scale.

You can see these miniatures and more on our website:

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