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March 13, 2016 3 min read

Day 11 of our contest saw Jaheda Kano, Kurganova Armoured Division Officer up for grabs.

We had loads of great wargames proxy ideas from you for her too, with popular suggestions like tank commander and mech pilot, through to squad leaders and even an Amelia Earhart stand in... truly an inspirational figure!

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Davogrod said:

I could use her for Dust Tactic's Allies US Tank Crew, Recon Mickey Crew or Artillery Crew.

Nice ideas Davogrod and I think she'd fit in well as a Dust tanker. We didn't get a lot of Dust proxy ideas either, so it's cool to know our models fit in there too!

Eomearas with:

Armour division commander in a Geno Five-Two Chiliad themed 30k army.

With her classical military garb and smart appearance, I think she'd do well in such a distinguished regiment, rolling her armour ever onwards in the great crusade!

Alejandro with:

I want them for an actual skirmish/battle game based on TGG background with her own rules!!!

We hear you Alejandro and rest assured we are doing our best to work on our own projects :-) Thank you for all your comments too, it's great to know there is a demand for something like this!

Solène with:

Emilia airhaert! great for wolsung steampunk game or rpg personalized mini

A great inspirational suggestion, thanks Solène! Nice idea as a Wolsung proxy too!

MadCowCrazy with:

Cut in half and use as a Tank Commander for my Imperial Guard Cadians.

Proxy Imperial Guardwould be a nice fit for Jaheda, and the Cadians are definitely a regiment I could see her in. I'm imagining you sitting at your hobby desk now too, dressed as a magician, with a little coffin, asking for a volunteer to saw in half :-)

Nicholas Petrie with:

This model just screams of being on the deck of some Airship surveying the landscape as she prepares to command a fleet of fighters to launch. Vivid and captivating.

Thanks for another great, cinematic suggestion Nicholas! She does have a certain Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow look about her... better than the film though hopefully :-)

Felföldi Enikő with:

I'd make her a tank commander for one of my superheavies for WH40K Astra Militarum

---- and Richard Steinfelder with: 

A nice little commander, which I want to stand atop of my Shadowsword Super heavy tank in Warhammer 40k.

Thanks Felföldi and Richard, this is definitely where she's going to be in my army. She's got the look of someone who means business and an elite, less maverick feel, which I imagine a super-heavy tank commander would have.

Let the glory hounds in their toy tanks speed off ahead, there's no rush... they might be the tip of the spear, but you're the shaft and without you, their short lived advances would soon be crushed.

Today's lucky winner though is Ben Chambellan with:

I would use her on the base of my 40k imperial knight as the pilot standing under her war machine.

This 40K proxy idea works well both in game and as a diorama suggestion. Big models like an Imperial Knight are great army centrepieces and immediately draw attention from anyone looking at your force, so they're the prefect place to lavish some extra attention on.

Jaheda Kano, jumping out to stretch her legs, grab some fresh air and check her surroundings, makes a great model for this. In fact you could have a pretty cool Knight squad diorama if you added Ash, Tank Gunner and Lucky Lucy, Spotter too!

Congratulations Ben!

With only 3 winners left to announce, I'm gutted we still haven't managed to launch a winners celebration. No fireworks. No laser show. No fly by.

So we've booked an awesome entertainment act instead! Not sure who yet, I've just stuck and advert on for "a wildly entertaining headline act". Let's see who turns up tomorrow then shall we...

See you then for the next winner!

Jon Simpson

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