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March 10, 2016 3 min read

Day 8 of our contest was all about Ivanka Kurganova (snow version).

While I like miniatures in more casual poses, I love models that look like they've been plucked straight out of an epic battle scene. Ivanka Kurganova is a great example of this and I just can picture her storming in to a breach in a fortress wall, hacking, left and right, driving her comrades onwards to victory!

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Ross said:

Looking to start a spin off 40k comp with my group in the UK. A gladiator type comp 1 vs 1. This figure would rock as the star attractionWhat a lovely model.

I can definitely see Ivanka as a diva style champion of the grimdark gladiatorial arenas! If you get it going I'd love to see some photos Ross.

Michael with

This is an absolutely beautiful model, and I'd plan to have her as the centrepiece for my soviet based Imperial Guard army for Warhammer 40000. I think she's ideal as either the lead commander, or as a Lord (Lady) Commisar, and I could see her lead my army to victory.

The pose on Ivanka is perfect to showcase the brave, fight-to-the-death mentality of the Valhallan Imperial Guard forces, and I'd tailor my army to suit her because of it. The sculptor should be pleased and proud in equal measures with this wonderful miniature!

Thanks Michael! We get a lot of 40k proxy suggestions and it's great to know our minis work so well in gamings biggest title! I'm sure the Soviet styling and inspirational pose would stand her in good stead with the Valhallan commissariat.

Hoshi with:

Valhalla Command Group. The snow version of Ivanka is so dynamic, she has to be a front line fighter in the midst of the hardest fighting. Captain of the command unit of a Valhalla infantry regiment from WH40k imperial army.

Cheers Hoshi. Contending with the weather, as well as the enemy definitely lends a harder edge to fighters in extreme climates and she'd make a great command figure!

Lee Learn Toh with:

''Cowards! You dare fleeing ?!''
'' Does anyone else have feel like running? I don't think so... onward for the emperor!!!''

She would be an excellent ice cold lord commissar in my 40k imperial guard army.

This is exactly the kind of flavour filled comment that we love! Well done Lee!

Today's lucky winner however is Nicholas Petrie with:

I am torn on this one. I want to use her as a stand in for Sorscha in my Khador force. But I also want to start a Russian themed Planetary Defence Force and do some cool winter camo for the all of her gear.

Good thinking Nicholas! Ivanka would certainly work well in both roles. With her long fur lined coat, she'd be a great proxy for a Khador Warmachine force and is suitably armed for close combat too!

Congratulations Nicholas!

The good news is... after much tinkering yesterday, we managed to get the lasers turned down to a nice glow ready for the winners celebratory display.

The bad news is... the Kurganova private jet that flew Ivanka in thought they were landing lights and, well, let's just say no one's feeling brave enough to tell her she owes us new lights...

See you tomorrow for the next winner!

Jon Simpson

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