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March 09, 2016 3 min read

Day 7 of our contest was all about Dr Von X, Field Medic for the Iron Empire.

The future of medial care in sci-fi games never seems to inspire a lot of confidence, with most doctors and medics sporting a range of tools that make you wonder if you're better, or worse off with their help. That said, if nothing else at least Dr Von X comes with a cup of tea!

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Joey Dimmock said:

An awesome model that could function as a display piece, or some form of medic (or even a techpriest) in an imperial guard, or mechacnicus army for 40k, or even in an inquisitorial henchmen unit :)

A great range of proxy ideas Joey!  I quite like the tech priest angle too and with the right paint job I think it could really work.

Henrik Jensen with:

Mutant cannibal warband mama, This is not a test

If nothing else, I just like the combination of words, "Mutant cannibal warband mama" :-) Looking forward to seeing some of our minis in TNT too!

Michael Morgan with

I run a home brew Pathfinder game set in a Fantasy/Steampunk world. The nation of bad guys I have is based on Nazi Germany and she would make an awesome villain.

Doctor Von X would be the mastermind behind the Human Enhancement experiments (such as Wolf Guard, a combat unit composed exclusively of werewolves) as well as being the one responsible for creating a legion of Steamborg Goblins.

Thanks Michael and I love the sound of your game! The players finally decide to open the door to the lab... why does it smell like dogs in here? Cue Dr Von X flanked by Wereshewolves... tea anyone?

Lord Wynn with:

Definately could use her as an apothecary for my chaosified space marine army (because the CSM codex sucks balls, I'll use my csm models as space marines now. *sigh*)

Nice thinking Lord Wynn. While it's sad when your army loses focus, I'm glad you finding a bright side and managing to incorporate some cool new minis!

T. Falk with:

Would definately use this as a replacement in my Sisters of Battle model force, as the Sister Hospitalier. Cause you know, a cup of tea or coffee heals all that ails you.

I think the good Dr would be right at home as a Sisters of Battle proxy and after a hard day smiting humanities enemies, I'd certainly be after a cup of tea too!

Today's lucky winner however is tartopom with:

Time for your pills!!! Wow. I would definitely use her for my Malifaux team. With Mc Mourning she would be an awesome leader for the nurses.

Great idea tartopom! With her "slightly" twisted, steampunk fantasy feel Dr Von X would be right at home as a Malifaux proxy, especially in a McMourning crew!

Congratulations tartopom!

Turns out the lasers we ordered for the winners light show were from a house clearance sale. Turns out the house was actually a Bond villains evil lair. Turns out the lasers were from his "spy interrogation kit" and were a bit more powerful than we wanted...

Oh well, at least the view out our office window isn't blocked by that building next door any more... I wonder how you turn these things down a bit?!?

See you tomorrow for the next winner!

Jon Simpson

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