Contest Winner 9 - Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the... Hounds of War?

Day 9 of our contest saw the Jailbird's fearsome leader, Raven, The Chainbreaker up for grabs.

In my collection, Raven is fronting a Mad Max / wasteland raiders themed skirmish force. Her sculpt and the studio paint job, lends her a veteran air. Someone who has seen and done things they would like to forget, who would happily bury their guns for good and walk away from it all, if life was that simple. But life isn't and while her people need her, she'll never give up. She'll never surrender.

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Ste Chandler said:

I could see Raven in any Wild West / sci-if cross over game. Think Firefly!

While I love your idea Ste, I'm now feeling all sad thinking about Firefly, I miss it so much. Raven does remind me of Zoe though... Browncoats! :-)

Steve Black with

Necromunda Reboot. Well, if GW does reboot Necromunda in the next year or so, all these Jailbirds, led by Raven will be a perfect fit for Escher. Bags of attitude, and dynamic posing makes these really pop on the tabletop!

Thanks Steve! Our Jailbirds certainly do seem like great Necromunda proxies! Alongside Raven, Cruz, Heavy Gunner and Yoko The Psycho are both popular heavies, and our Iron Empire range sees action as Enforcers.

Kevin Guillotin with:

What an amazing model! Should play her in a post-apocalyptic game, maybe Eden!

Nice one Kevin! We'd be honoured to have Raven taking the field of battle in Eden!

Patrick Fish with:

Such an imposing model :D I could easily see her as a standout in 40k for an Eldar Corsair Malevolent band. So angry, so many bullets, so little time.

Patrick my friend, I hadn't noticed how many of our models had their ears covered until you came along :-) I love "So angry, so many bullets, so little time." makes me want to play Borderlands again!

Andy with:

Escher Gang Leader! The perfect leader for the jailbird troop and command boxes I bought to kitbash an Escher gang out of! Necromunda is making a comeback and I will be surprised if they can top this!

Great thinking Andy. The weapon options in the Jailbird Coyote Crew Command and Troop boxes offer a cool range of options for Necromunda proxies and upgrading your gang as they secure more territory and the loot starts to roll in! Have you got any photos of your hang in action? Do they have a name?

B.Mooney with:

I'd find a way to use her in Warmachine. Maybe replace Allister Caine, since he has the two-gun style. She's much cooler.

An Allister Caine Warmachine proxy... this is why you guys are soooo great! We love it when our minis find a home in a role we'd never imagined. Nice one B.Mooney :-)

Zaid with:

I'd totally use her as an Aspiring Champion to lead my band of 40k Chaos Cultists. Between the banners and loincloth she's got three locations perfect to freehand iconography. Her clenched eyes face looks pretty trance-like too.

I could see her working well in this role too Zaid, the look of rage on her face and dual pistol load out, definitely displays a certain violent urge!

Today's lucky winner however is Sarah Neher with:

My husband wrote a game called HOUNDS OF WAR, and I have an army of BAD CHICAS ... your Toughest Girls of the Galaxy anre central to this mass of all female a$$ kickers. This mean lady would fit right in as we decimate my husband's army of Orks! this is quite funny

We had a Hounds of War finalist for Arthemisia Rosenkrantz from Paul Neher and now I feel kind of bad... I'm guessing Paul isn't going to hear the end of this victory! Sorry Paul :-) It's awesome that you're both using our minis in your game though and we'd love some photos of the Bad Chicas in action!

Congratulations Sarah!

So, the celebration fireworks got banned and Ivanka Kurganova's jet crushed the laser light show. Raven offered to detonate a "liberated" fuel tanker for us, but we didn't think that would do much for our green environmental status. I remember once when I was a kid, an air show I was at had a really cool fly past by the Red Arrows. Hmmm... let me make some calls...

See you tomorrow for the next winner!

Jon Simpson

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