Contest Winner 6 - Grid 14, 6, 12 confirmed. Bring the rain!

Day 6 of our contest was all about Ash, Tank Gunner from our Jailbirds faction.

Ash was a popular proxy for Imperial Guard commanders, working well as a tank commander and as a spotter directing artillery. She also got  proxy suggestions for games like Wolsung and Gates of Antares too, so another mini that shows how creative you guys are!

In case you missed the previous posts, we streamlined all the entries down to our favourites and then randomly selected a winner from the pot.

On to the finalists for today…

Michele said:

I will create a mini diorama having her as a Imperial pilot standing outside her plane, probably on top of the cockpit, looking with amusement at the devastation she has brought with her plane...

Great idea Michele and Ash even has the scarf fluttering in the breeze, which we all know is the most important bit about being a good pilot!

Patrick Fish with:

Gah! She's an outstanding model. But alas---I can think of no army to put her in that I own. (I mean . . .I could say--she's a Eldar from 40k. Minus the ears? Had Ear-surgery to remove the pointy elf ears? ) Yaarr. She's a space-pirate.

I'm loving your proxy Eldar persistence Patrick and I can go with space pirate. She does have a hint of Firefly / Serenity about her and could always be watching the train they're about to rob...

Richard with

One of the most beautiful models from the first kickstarter. I can't decide if I would give her a gun and use her as a nice spotter in the command crew or take her standing on a tank to represent her doing a break in the endless battles of the imperial guard in Warhammer 40k

Thanks Richard! Proxy Warhammer is always a popular use for our models and I think Ash would look great as part of a guard tank crew, keeping watch while her comrades get the kettle on.

Gergo Hargitai with:

This mini would fit into my Warzone Imperial army as a tank commander. Or possibly into AvP as a marine pilot.

I like it Gergo and I'm sure Ash would make a great AVP Dropship pilot on the express elevator to hell!

Matti with:

Would be purrrfect fot guard and sisters in 40k, and depending on scale for infinity conversions. Best in the game you guys are planning.

Thanks Matti, we've seen our minis used a few times for Infinity and they seem like a pretty good fit to us, but you're right... it would be cool to see her in a Raging Heroes game :-)

Today's lucky winner however is Drew with:

This model would make a great Forward Observer or Foxtrot Ranger model for my US Ariadna Infinity force!

Ash has without got the skills and binoculars to work the Forward Observer role and I can definitely picture her as lightly equipped, fast mover, dashing round the battlefield! I hope she finds a good proxy home in your Ariadna force and would love to see some piccies!

Congratulations Drew!

We've scrapped the celebratory winners fireworks plan and ordered some lasers instead... stand by for the light show to end all light shows...

See you tomorrow for the next winner!

Jon Simpson

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