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March 07, 2016 1 min read

Hello Folks,

Our new releases this month sees the legendary Nepharya for sale in our online store and available from Raging Heroes stockists!

Imbued with great necromantic powers, Nepharya is a master at controlling the Iron Empire's necrocyber zombie hordes. Without desires, fears or ambition and completely under her control, the zombies serve as the ultimate bodyguards and are a potent force on the battlefield.

Committing them as little more than cannon fodder, Nepharya marches her undead minions relentlessly towards enemy lines, soaking up incoming fire and shielding the Reapers and elite Iron Storm troops moving up in support. Simple, but brutally effective.

Nepharya is a mini that never fails to turn heads and has already found a home in a variety of armies... leading machine obsessed acolytes... fronting a force of mechanical skeletons... even bringing her terrifying beauty to steam and cyber punk games.

Shown above alongside Blondie (28mm heroic scale) from our Jailbirds range, raised up on mechanical tentaclesNepharya is an imposing figure on the table and makes a great army focal point!

Will you be picking Nepharya up?
If you've already got her, how are you using her?

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