Storytelling - Raging Heroes

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There are characters that we all dream of seeing, be it on our gaming tables or on the shelves of our display cabinet. Or both.

Have you ever wished for even more imposing and majestic High Elves? For wilder and more tortured Forces of Chaos? For Undeads that truly chill your heart?

We created Raging Heroes to meet that wish. Because we think it's possible to create even more unique and vibrant armies.

Our concept is simple: larger-than-life playable characters with unusual fates making uncommon alliances. Miniatures that tell a different tale. Because, after all, a Chaos army where all the soldiers look alike, isn't that a bit of a contradiction?

Since we love film and writing, we particularly enjoy creating strong characters with wondrous destinies and extraordinary adventures, and we strive to have Raging Heroes minis reflect that, on your gaming tables and in your collection.

Raging Heroes characters have life stories that will evolve. Expect astonishing reversals, unholy allies, unexpected revelations, radical transformations. For the most fascinating characters are always the most unpredictable…

New major episodes of a hero's story will warrant a new version of his/her miniature, more powerful, more charismatic, more beautiful ... or fallen, degraded or vanquished.

Coming soon, you'll discover alternative versions of our characters, from other worlds such as Science Fiction and Steampunk.