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Raging Heroes miniatures can be included easily in your favourite army. Below, you'll find info on stories for each character, managing games stats, what to do about basing, using Raging Heroes minis for RPG.

Background Stories

Each mini is designed with a rich background that lets you bring a truly original touch to your armies. Our concept was born based on the observation that, in many books or movies, a hero often has aides, friends, allies, slaves or enchanted creatures whose backgrounds / story / outlook / differ from your run-of-the-mill army member. They may not belong to his own race but, for many reasons, they have rallied to his cause, willingly or not.

So you can apply this same principle to your armies: break the monotony, bring freshness and newness to your gaming table, all the while respecting gaming rules.

For example, here's how we designed our first command group.

We created Asharah as a high noble who could be a Dark Elf, a Servant of Chaos, or a Vampire. Depending on how you paint her, she can be a hero for almost any evil army. And perhaps you'll find her yet another origin.

On the other hand, Asharah's magical curse has so deformed her Musician Moloss that it's difficult to get a clear idea of his race. But, forced to fight alongside her, today Moloss serves her as obediently as any other soldier in her army.

The same goes for Eleriel and Alaniel, her Standard Bearers. Twin sister princesses from a faraway Elven kingdom, they were captured by Asharah who now shows off her two favourite slaves on the battlefield, both as a trophy and a warning to her enemies.

Regardless of these secondary characters' race, they very much belong in Asharah's army.

Games Stats

Play Raging Heroes minis just like you would any other character of your unit or your army.

We've aimed for balance between the command group members. Let's see how this works with the command group described above.

Asharah can be played as a standard hero: she is heavily armed and wears substantial armour. With the accessories provided, you can turn her into a warrior, a magician or a warrior mage.

• In comparison, Eleriel and Alaniel, the two slaves who carry her banner seem naked and fragile. But read their character profile carefully: you'll find out that 1) they fight two to one, and 2) their beauty and the fascination created by their huge standard serve as a natural armour that compensates for their nakedness.

• As for Moloss, despite his large size, he must move on all fours. He's also hampered by chains and dazed with drugs. You can therefore consider that he also fights like a standard foot soldier. Or, alternatively, you could put the Musician in a cavalry unit and make him the pet of an evil mounted character. In this case, you might decide that the drugs he's given don't weaken him but, instead, turn him into a beast of war and allow him to keep up with the rest of the unit.

Overall, you should use the standard rules that apply to a hero, a standard bearer, a musician or any other type of character belonging to your army. Of course, before playing, you should probably share this information with your opponent and get him on board; unless he's really too jealous of your minis, this should pose no problem ;-)

And, if standard rules are not your thing, you can always draw up special characters and create an army with unique game stats and backgrounds.


All our 28 mm miniatures fit on 20 mm x 20 mm square bases (the smallest possible bases in 28 mm games) so that you can incorporate them into any army you want. This is true even when the base supplied with the mini is larger or not square.

However, there are always some special cases. When that happens, you will find solutions detailed directly on the character's page. Here are two examples:

Moloss and Minion, the Musician from our first command group, is supplied with a standard cavalry base, and yet, he's been designed to be incorporated into an army of footmen. To resolve this problem when playing, simply put the Musician either on a cavalry base (25 mm x 50 mm) or on two 20 mm x 20 mm bases (just cut a 20 mm x 40 mm piece of cardboard, paste the two bases on it, and fill the gap with putty). In a footmen unit, the Moloss and Minion fig occupies the space of two minis. When you resolve combat and calculate losses, count him as one standard footman plus one musician. If he is killed, remove him from the unit and replace him with a standard soldier. When you prepare your unit list, be sure to account for him as a musician teamed with a standard soldier figurine.

Other figurines may cause problems of a more practical nature. Eleriel and Alaniel's huge flag is so large that on a gaming table, it could lack some balance and be toppled regularly. To solve this, simply position the miniature on the base your unit requires, then cut out a cardboard or plastic card that can accommodate two rows of three minis. Paste the problematic mini in the middle of the first row. Once in play, surround that mini with five more, placed on that same card. You get a small movement tray that allows you to move your unit faster while ensuring stability.

Asharah's Command Group's 54 mm miniatures are supplied with their own scenic base.

Role Playing Games

Raging Heroes minis are ideal to memorably embody PCs and NPCs. Every character has a rich storyline. You can use it "as is" and directly integrate them in your campaign, or use this background as an inspiration to create your own. Because stories will continue to evolve over time, we will regularly provide updated versions of each character. Therefore, you can easily use our minis as key individuals for your campaigns, or to embody your favourite character.

Also, why not use our wallpapers as a gaming aid for your NPCs? These images can help to easily and simply introduce your characters and leave your players with a lasting impression.

Finally, we plan to create different versions of our characters so that they can also belong to other worlds, such as Science Fiction or Steampunk, so you will inevitably find what you need for the games you play.

Oh, one more thing: characters will evolve with time. Check out Storytelling.