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Painting / Collecting


Raging Heroes miniatures are perfect for painting and collecting. For example, painters are getting a huge kick out of working on the giant flag of Eleriel and Alaniel's mini, which provides a large canvas for self-expression. By launching most of our minis in both 28 and 54 mm, we seek to meet the expectations of collectors and artists alike.

Very soon, we hope to share advice and behind-the-scenes looks at the painting of Raging Heroes figurines, as well as provide attractive colour schemes ideas.

Asharah's Command Group has been released as a Limited Edition. A variant of these figurine may then be re-issued as a regular edition, but not necessarily. We also produce a restricted, non-commercial issue. Each Limited Edition mini is provided with a Certificate of authenticity.

These certificates are printed in colour on thick laminated stock with selective varnishing. They are approximately the size of a playing card and open in two. On each is a picture of the mini, an excerpt from its background, and, for the limited edition, the number of minis in the limited edition and a hand-written release number.

Regular edition figurines are accompanied by a card featuring an image of the mini on one side and an excerpt of its background on the back.

The restricted non-commercial issue are very limited (between 25 and 50) and offered in contests, sweepstakes, and special events. They are issued with their very own Certificate of Authenticity.

Our limited editions are available online on our website on a first-come, first-served basis, so pre-ordering is highly recommended.