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December 13, 2018 1 min read

New Release: the 10 Fantasy Angels
Christmas before Christmas! They have arrived...

- Only 12,95 € for each angel
- Collect the 10 angels and save almost 50%!
And scroll down for more epic packs & savings...

Finally our All-Star Fantasy Angels are available! 10 different gorgeous heroines, time to add some wings to your Sisters! And of course we have a special epic launch deal:
- If you get all 10 you save nearly 50%!


Charging in the air & on the ground: THE DIVINE CHARGE!
Get the Mounted Knights + Angels and save 39% = 100 € savings!

Ah, now we're talking. If you were thinking about upgrading your Fantasy Army, we have the deal for you. In the Divine Charge Pack, you will get the Angels, the majestic Mounted Knights and our Consecrated Sisters. And you will save almost 40% = a 100 € discount!


or combine with the Blade MaidensTHE BLESSED REVENGERS!
Blade Maidens + Angels + more and save up to 44%!



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