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December 14, 2018 5 min read

Dear Warstager,

In this update:

- We have awesome news!
Yes, that’s it, the Gothic Cathedral and Gothic Daedalus are going now in production.
Please read below for a bit more details.

- We want to give you a big thank you
The response to our last update was very heartwarming, it’s great to feel your trust and support

- Email problems
Yes, we still have a tough time reaching each one of you. If you haven’t received any message from us in the last few months, read below about how to fix this

Production is on!

So, as planned, the first step of the production is on.

First thing is to verify the exact spacing between the part on each cardboard sheet with the diecut master. The diecut master is the person in charge of making the cutting tools that will punch each elements in the cardboard sheets.

When the diecut master finishes analysing our files, we might have to quickly rearrange a few things in the layout and so we’ll know exactly how many freebies and pieces of furniture will come with each kit.

As soon as this is cleared, the manufacturer will make a White Sample.

The White Sample is something very similar to the cathedral prototypes you saw in our recent updates: a non-printed white cardboard cathedral assembled with 3D printed clips.

This way we can verify that they perfectly understand our project and that the technical requirements for the assembly of the parts are met precisely.

Then, there will most likely be an adjustment phase to slightly adjust either the cutting of the cardboard slots or the thickness of the plastic clips to get a perfect fit between the plastic clips and the cardboard tiles.

This is the trickiest stage.

Once this is dealt with, the rest will be a breeze: regular offset printing and injection plastic mould-making.

So, as you can see here the most delicate work will happen more or less during this coming month.

For now we still plan for a shipment of your WarStages rewards in March.


A big “Thank You”

But first of all, I want to thank you all for the vastly positive feedback we received after the last update. I must confess I was very anxious of sharing these things with you. It felt mostly like personal feelings and stuff and I was not sure how you would all relate to that. But your positive feedback was incredible and deeply heartwarming.

We feel honoured by the things you say about the quality and uniqueness of our work and the trust you put in us.

It is true that we are probably not the best at communicating in the Web 2.0 format. We would love to be able to make smaller updates with more casual content, like short videos or a few benchwork photos. Yet, as simple as this may seems, our schedule has been so packed until now that it was really not possible to do so. However, things are progressing, so we feel like we might finally come to a place where we can do this more effectively.

We read all the comment you sent us about this and are already starting to implement new stuff in that direction.


More communication

In this update, you can see a few clips of the last tests we’ve been doing on the furniture. I think they are really nice little snapshots of our development process and that’s the kind of things we hope to show you more in the future.

You’ll see the same thing happening in our Newsletter if you’re a subscriber:

We’ll start to include more of that type of content, with me answering some of your questions about anything related to the TGG or WarStages or Raging Heroes in general. The first of these video will be about the Archpapess Arthenya VI. It will be published this month.

Claudia, our multi-talented graphic artist / painter / Facebook group admin and more, will start creating short painting tutorials that will be included in the Newsletter too.

And we are also open to more suggestions, so don’t hesitate to let us know.


@Liz, @Richard, @Corey, @Sam and @Erik, and all of you who contacted us by email, thank you for your replies / comments on the update and for your support.








Never received a single email or message from us ?

In one of the comments on the blog, Liz says she never got a single email or message from us. We are definitely having a problem to reach some people. And sadly, it is not a problem that can be fixed on our end.

If, like Liz, you’ve never received any email from us related to this Kickstarter, it’s most likely because there is an evil, nefarious, angry spam filter run by a drunk goblin in your email software who has decided to catch everything sent your way by us (and most likely by other companies) and hide it deeply somewhere where you can most likely never retrieve it.

The only thing that can be done about this is from your end.

If you are on Gmail:

Look for us in your Promotion and Updates tabs. Once you’ve found some of our messages, just add our various email addresses to you contact list. From now on, our messages will appear in you regular email thread.

If you are not on Gmail:

Please check out this very efficient guide to see how correct this problem with your email software (Just replace every mention of SubAssistant by Raging Heroes and Kickstarter) : http://bit.ly/RHsafeemail

It is very simple to do.

We’ve just run into the same problem during our Pre-Black Friday VIP campaign during which many subscribers complained that they never received most of our messages. Turned out it was always aggressive spam filters playing out.


That’s all for today

For once this is a short update (well, aside from the videos)! We would love to hear your suggestions on topics you would want us to cover, questions you might have and so on. 
In earlier updates we wrote several episodes of a fairly extensive Making Of and Behind the Scene look into the WarStages project, but we didn't receive much feedback about this. Do you want to know more? Is it the kind of content that interests you?
Let us know ;)

Also it is time to wish you a wonderful Holidays season. We hope you'll have great gaming sessions with your loved ones and the RagingHeroes Team joins me in sending send you all our best wishes. 

All the best, see you next year!


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