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July 01, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

NOTE: This post is related to Heroes Infinite, our Patreon Campaign for 3D Printable figurines. What's a Patreon? It's a membership platform where you - as a patron - support artists and creators: subscribe to our projectand get access to new files and content every month! Learn more about this project here!

Video 🌳 Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest - July 2020 on Patreon

Are you ready for this new adventure? Turn up the volume, put the video on full screen and come with us, let’s walk together in the Enchanted Forest, and meet all the characters from this July 2020 Release: Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest

 Queen Syl-Iriah, King Antarion and the Summer Fairies welcome you into their magical world. We really went overboard with this release, there was way too much good stuff to do. So this is a super exceptional release with 18 models, 3 of them being MASSIVE! This is practically a DOUBLE release!!!


Come play with the Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest, an incredible MASSIVE creation of 3D printable models featuring 18 gorgeous original sculpts, including 3 beautiful centerpieces. Get access to the files for $10 only - but hurry, after July 31st, they leave Patreon and the price goes up. Don’t wait and subscribe now:

Here's what you will get in the July 2020 release of our new Patreon, Heroes Infinite: Summer Fairies of the Enchanted Forest A full set of amazing powerful characters ready for 3D printing: FULLY SUPPORTED STL FILES for just $10 if you join our in July 2020!!! Yes: fully supported files ready to print in resin! Heroes Infinite is the new 3D Printable adventure from Raging Heroes.

What's a Patreon? It's a membership platform where you - as a patron - are given access to new files and content every month! Oh and also, there's a very cool "Welcome Box", an awesome Tavern, yours when you join !
Why should you become a Patron? Because if you miss this July 2020 release, we will still make individual files available for purchase, but at a much higher price.

That's why the best deal is to become a member ASAP so you won't miss anything! Come aboard here: And to learn more, meet like-minded patrons and get access to exclusives, join our very friendly private Facebook Group (you’ll get access in less than 24 hours) at

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Jonathan Usmar
Jonathan Usmar

July 16, 2020

Love your sculpts as always.

Will any of these be making their way onto your miniatures store eventually? Some of the pirates have already and I snapped them up.

If you’re not planning to make/sell them yourselves, have you considered adding a “merchant” tier to your patreon so others can sell the minis on etsy/etc.?

I would buy a number of these minis, but I don’t have anywhere to set up a 3D printer so STLs aren’t much use to me.

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