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July 06, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

The mysterious Warriors of the Secret Jungle brand new models are now available! 


The proud and powerful Warriors of the Secret Jungle were originally released in our Heroes Infinite sister website as 3D Printable miniatures, a full range of fantasy lizardmen miniatures and female lizardfolk miniatures models.

Now by popular demand, the lizardfolk armies are massing and invading our webshop!!!
So beef up your fantasy armies with amazing models for wargames and role-playing games such as D&D!!!!

Harness that power for yourself with these brand new models! 

    The lizardfolk have always been a proud and powerful race,
    and they have always known their destiny.


    The Lizardmen are the epitome of all that is mesoamerican aztec.
    This ancient and powerful force is waiting to be unleashed!


    Now, they are finally ready to claim what is rightfully theirs.
    The lizardfolk armies are massing, and soon they will march to war.
    None can stand in their way. 


    Want a BETTER DEAL???

    Check out our
    Warriors of the Secret Jungle PACKS!!

    Lizardmen miniatures, female lizardfolk miniatures, command groups, and troops for wargames and D&D !! 

    Beef up your Fantasy army with amazing models!!!


    Tap into an ancient, mystical power that has been hidden away for centuries when you purchase the Warriors of the Secret Jungle today! 


    See the full range of Warriors of the Secret Jungle fantasy lizardmen miniatures, female lizardfolk miniature characters, command groups, troops, and packs for wargames and D&D here!

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    July 19, 2023

    Very cool! I especially love how dynamic and the sex appeal. I hope you add some squads of caster looking babes and groups of ranged types like crossbows or archers.

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