The Daughters Of The Orphanage are finally here!

After the Sci-Fi Daughters of the Crucible, here are their Fantasy counterparts, the Daughters of the Orphanage.

These 10 different All-Stars Daughters are all available separately, but you can save 36% when you grab the Command Group and/or the Troops box, so check them out now!

In remembrance of French Chivalry, we chose to give them somewhat French-inspired names. In fact, most of these first names come from the plays of Molière.

Since most of these names might be hard to pronounce in languages other than French, we included a home-made English phonetic translation. A wee bit of practice and you'll have a definite edge at your Friendly Local Gaming Store when you start using your new French accent...

You may want to check out their absolutely unique Standard Bearer featuring Tim, Tam and Tom on their wooden horse. And get ready to be deafened by the Musician character, Cook Gudrun Du Four with orphans who make noises one could call barely music to call everybody in for lunch and dinner.

Again, note that Shipping is FREE for orders over 60€ (about US$70 or 54£), and
you will get a FREE unreleased model for orders over 99€
Otherwise, shipping is 6.90€, or 11.90€ with tracking.

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