Exclusive LIMITED Packs feat. unreleased TGG2 models + great savings = Happy New Year (in advance!)

Special Exclusive Packs featuring unreleased minis in limited quantities: Sisters - Knights - Angels - Flesh Eaters - Skinners... Check them out and grab yours now while they last! 

For the Sisters (available in both Fantasy and Sci-fi):

  • EXCLUSIVE Archpapess Personal Guard: Save up to 21%
  • EXCLUSIVE Archpapess Extended Personal Guard: Save up to 22%

For the Lust Elves (available in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi):

  • EXCLUSIVE Blood Marauders Pack: Save up to 19%

All details here. Wait no more if you want to get your hands on one of these, those unreleased models won't be back before a few months!


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