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February 02, 2018 4 min read 7 Comments

Dear TGG2 backers,

So it is probably one of the last TGG2 updates we are writing as we are now very close of wrapping up the TGG2 production and shipments.

Things are going according to plan: If you don't have the Altar of the Succubi or metal Heroines in your rewards, your shipment has most likely already been sent.

In fact, we just have about 70 shipments left to send from that category, but one of the parcel from the foundry has been put temporary on hold at customs. This  happens from time to time. It's a standard procedure, but it generates a few additional days of delay. We will get this box early next week and finish these few remaining shipment. They all should be shipped out before the end of the week.

If you have the Altar of the Succubi or metal Heroines in your rewards selection, that's what the foundry is working on now. 

The Altar of the Succubi is being cast now

As you can see, the very first casts of the Altar are being produced now.

From the very own words of the foundry team: “This thing is fucking insane. Absolutely insane.”

We will have some more images in the next coming days, but as soon as we saw this, we didn't want to keep you waiting any longer. It's not a lot at this point, but the next pics will show more stuff.

The mould making process of the Altar of the Succubi took quite some time as the full kit is so complex.

All the 3D printed elements are first used to create submasters. Then, for a massive kit like this, those submasters are tested for assembly. Then all the submasters are reviewed and cleaned by hand. Only then can begin the work to create the production moulds. Once all these moulds are finally done, the foundry can start casting. All of this takes a massive amount of working hours.

The number of individual moulds for the full kit is something like the Avatar of Shaah + the Spider Mother + about 6 troops boxes put together.

Based on the foundry's forecast, we plan to have this last batch of rewards sent between next week and the next 40 days. 

Important note about shipments

We are getting a fair number of requests from people who ask us why they haven't yet received a shipping confirmation of their TGG2 shipment. In most cases, what happens is that their SPAM filter directly sends their shipment notification to a hidden mail folder, especially people using Gmail. So please, if you think your shipment should now be on the way, be sure to check your spam folder. If you still haven't received anything and think you should have, please contact us at

Change of address

New address? If you have moved, please SEND US your new address at Do NOT correct it in the Pledge Manager, it will not impact past orders.

Want to showcase your TGG2 minis and win stuff?

We've wanted for a very long time to have a massive Raging Heroes Painting Contest, and now with the closing of the TGG2 Kickstarter, we thought it would be the perfect time to do something that stands out of the ordinary.

That's why we're about to launch a worldwide contest.

Of course, you'll be able to enter your painted minis in the usual painting categories (single model, unit, monster, diorama, etc.). But if you don't feel like a great painter, there will also be a new kind of category that will focus more on staging your minis to tell a story, such as

  • a comic strip
  • a nice battle scene on your gaming table
  • a graphic-art image like a movie poster
  • or a cool animated gif based on Raging Heroes minis...

This way we feel more people have a chance to enter and win a prize and have fun getting creative with their favorite miniatures.

If you want to be part of this and learn all the details of this massive contest, make sure that you've subscribed to our newsletter and that you are following us on Facebook. All the details will be announced soon. 

TGG3 and the TGG game soon to launch

What's coming? New awesome minis, great scenery and an ass-kicking game! That's what you can count on for the TGG3 Kickstarter. We are now pretty close to start showing you some stuff about TGG3 and the game. There will soon be a dedicated web address for this project and you'll get to learn all about it as we unveil the many different sides of this project. It's going to be very exciting!

Once again, make sure that you've subscribed to our newsletter and that you are following us on Facebook to be the first to know.

Is it too late to grab something in the Pledge Manager?

Recently, we've had several queries about this. Since you, our backers, have helped take Raging Heroes so much forward, we thought it would be a nice way to thank you again by reopening the Pledge Manager for one last time and give you the opportunity to grab the still unreleased TGG2 miniatures at unbeatable prices. (For obvious reasons, the already released TGG2 models are no longer available in the Pledge Manager.)

Indeed, the TGG2 pricing in the regular shop is always higher than the Kickstarter one, and in some cases, significantly higher than what we had planned the retail pricing would be, therefore the Pledge Manager remains an unbeatable value. Simply keep in mind however that fulfilment may take a short while, since backers with currently unshipped Rewards (those who chose the Altar and the metal miniatures) will take precedence over any new orders that you might make.

Regarding shipping:

  • if you're already received all of your rewards, you must ADD the shipping fee of 11.90 to your cart;
  • if you're still waiting for your final rewards to ship, don't add the shipping fee when you place a new order.

The Pledge Manager will remain open for the next 2 weeks only. After that, it's definitely over.

That's all for today

Once again we want to thank you for your wonderful support and patience, for all the messages and pictures you continue to send us. We hope your TGG2 minis will help you build the most beautiful armies you can dream of. Talk to you soon.
- The Raging Heroes Team

7 Responses

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

February 17, 2018

@Cedric: We did cover this more extensively in a previous update, so here’s the short answer: the Artbook is being recombined and expanded to encompass TGG1, TGG2 and TGG2 all together. This way, it will give you a much better view and understanding of the whole TGG universe.

Peter Biro
Peter Biro

February 09, 2018

Well, although not having altar, I’m there as well or at least I’m missing the last part… nevertheless, what I already have is great!

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

February 07, 2018

@Maximillian Thank you for your message, we will be in direct contact with you to solve this problem. for all of you have that are reading this comment, please never hesitate to contact us when you have a miscast problem :). We stand behind our product and want you to be happy with it, so of course we will always replace any defective parts :).


February 03, 2018

What about the digital art book?

Davogrod Gutsucker
Davogrod Gutsucker

February 03, 2018

Great news indeed! Waiting for the altar to ship! The painting contest is a splendid idea.
Waiting impatiently for TGG3!

Maximillian Perez
Maximillian Perez

February 02, 2018

Any chance of being able to buy extra harpy hands, like 1/5 of my harpies are missing a pinky claw.

Phil Comins
Phil Comins

February 02, 2018

Yay I am one of 70! What a select group we are!!

That Altar looks exactly as the foundry quote says – and well worth waiting for!

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