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April 10, 2018 6 min read 10 Comments

Dear Backer,

We are finally there! The very last wave of shipments is ongoing and so the TGG2 Kickstarter will soon be officially over.

So what is happening now?

Altar of the Succubi

We've had a little bit of unexpected delays with the shipment of the Altars as, at the very last minute, we discovered a little “bug” in the Altar assembly: some of the slaves were placed in such way that they would not touch the ground...

You may be wondering how we missed that and, quite frankly, we are wondering too... In the end, it was a very easy thing to fix and so, no problem here: you'll notice that your Altar will come with a set of yellow parts. These parts are the 3D printed elements we built and made to fix that problem.

There was also a sorting problem with some of the slaves as, at first glance, the difference between the ones on the left and the ones on the right of the Altar is not easy to see and so, there had been some mismatches made at the foundry.

But this is all corrected now and we have piles and piles of Altars that are now shipping! 

A special gift for you

Since you've been waiting for this kit for so long, we decided to make it a bit more special than originally planned.

First, we gave it a nice collector box. It a big black box with a beautiful finish and that closes with a magnet. It will be perfect to store your cool game-related stuff: miniatures, cards, game accessories...

The Altar collector box, full to the brim with resin goodness :)


About 150 Altars in their collector boxes, all these have been shipped this Monday 

Then, we designed and printed a special mini artbook to show you a bit of the Altar of the Succubi design process. We are very happy with how it turned out. However, it is a special artifact, written by an old mage hands, so be ready to do a bit of deciphering ;)

The Altar of the Succubi mini ArtBook

So in the last few days, we've packed tons of parcels and some of these were seriously big!

Most rewards fit in just one of our picking baskets, but some are seriously big and fill up to 3 baskets!

The miniatures arrive to our office in these donut boxes. As we pack your minis, tons and tons of these get emptied. I cannot imagine how many were used for the fulfilment of this Kickstarter.

Once the parcel is assembled, we do one last check to your selection and add all the instruction cards and printed goodies you're now probably familiar with.

Monday we made one of our biggest trip ever to the post office, with 3 cars full of parcels! 

Assembling your Altar

When you receive your Altar, please keep in mind that it is a seriously complex kit, both in terms of manufacturing and assembling.

Making such a big piece in resin is quite a challenge, especially when it is not a fully organic shape, but rather a large man-built (well, elven-built) structure.

When a resin piece is cast, it always shrinks or warps, there is no way around it. Depending on the type of part, the foundry can minimize that effect, but whatever they do, it will always happen.

On smaller pieces, this is rarely an issue. But on non-organic shapes or fairly thick parts, the effect tends to be stronger. It is not a big issue, but it means that you will have a little bit of modeling to do if you want to make the parts fit perfectly.

No need to worry, though. We are finishing a detailed assembly chart and a video tutorial for you on how to deal with this. We should have it available for download at the end of this week. We'll send you a link. In all cases, building the Altar is going to be a great modeling project and with the video instructions, you might even pick up a few extra skills and tricks!

Metal Mania

The foundry is now in full Metal Mania Mode, casting all your long-awaited metal heroines, and we are currently packing the first ones here to send them your way! From what we've seen so far, they look stellar!

Arthenya VI laid in her metal mould

The manufacturing of Arthenia in full swing

A bag full of Kraash, ready to go.

And Another Gift with this Metal Collector Edition

Like we said in our previous update, these metal casts are going to be super-limited editions. So we decided to present them accordingly. They will also come in their own special collector box, with a personalized Limited Edition certificate. Some of them are produced in such small quantities, you can bet that in a few years, they'll be seriously high value collectibles :)

A great cast of Varaseesh

Lady Kashalah looking great in metal

And so this is about to end... What's next?

The rest of the shipments containing Altars and Metal Heroines will be completely done before the end of the month.

Other than those, if you have not yet received your final rewards and you think you should have, please contact us so we can resolve this at

TGG3 and the Game

So it is nearly time to say goodbye to TGG2 and look toward the horizon as TGG3 is approaching. We don't have a date yet for this Kickstarter but it will be a very important step in the development of Raging Heroes.

First, because it will introduce our first game. And the more we work on it, the more we think it will be a really new type of experience in Miniature Gaming. Our goal is to bring as much quality and innovation in Game Design as we brought in Miniature Design, and we think we are on the right path for that.

Second, because TGG2 has been such an herculean task, so much bigger and more complex that TGG1, we've learned many, many things that will make TGG3 a much more manageable beast, without loosing the quality and uniqueness of the Raging Heroes products.

Overall, what we want to tell you is “get ready for a fantastic ride, with some new awesome miniatures and a revolutionary kind of game”!

Other Ongoing projects

We've talked about a big painting contest a few updates ago. It has been delayed for technical reasons, but it will soon be happening, so stay tuned for that.

We are also about to launch the TGG Game and Background website, with information on the Game, the TGG universe and lots of other tasty stuff. This will be the main destination to learn about the fluff of the characters and the game. At first it will be quite simple, but it will continue to grow non-stop as we ramp up for the next Kickstarter.

You will find it at
For now it's still a placeholder, but the first version will be live soon.


The various official launches of these projects will be announced through our Facebook page, our newsletter and in our Kickstarters' updates.

If you also are a WarStages backer, please note we have another update coming up for you this week.

...And what about YOU?

Ok, as always, I'm writing this big wall of text... sorry about that :(

But I have one last topic to talk about: You, our dedicated backer!

What about you? Have you painted some of your minis? Have you played some games with them? Are your friends jealous of your Sisters' Army or of your Avatar of Shaah?

Every time we pack more orders and rewards, we can't help but try and analyze the pattern in your choice: “Oh, he bought 1 command group and 5 troops!!”, “She chose 3 Draahk Chariots and 3 Horse Chariots”, “He picked just about 1 command and 1 troops of everything”, and we wonder which armies you are fielding, and for which game(s)? What type of army lists are you building? All that stuff, it's very intriguing... So tell us about it!

An amazing Sister's army that we found on Reddit, sorry there was no higher resolution of this image.

And, in a more general fashion, what do you like and don't like about your hobby at this time? What would you like to see happening? What kind of game or miniature are you looking for? What would you like us to make in the future? What kind of models would you like to see in our next Kickstarters?

I know this is very informal, but we always like to hear about you, about your wants and needs. And please know that we try to answer every message we get from you, so don't be shy and write us! And if a query remains unanswered, never hesitate to send it again at We stand behind our minis, and we are committed to making you as happy as we can!

10 Responses


April 14, 2018

Backed TGG1 and 2. Would love to see a RH version of the Talos for Dark Eldar and some light elves/Eldar models in TGG3.


April 13, 2018

all i ask with your models is you please make them to story telling size…unlike you know who,,,they tell us, a space marines 9 foot tall, yet the model is the same size as a normal human game model


April 12, 2018

I’m finally getting around to cleaning up and assembling my Lust Elves – headed into my next Kings of War army – but I have a confession to make: Despite all these frames upon frames of girls, I think I need more :| Specifically more Flesh Eaters ;D Such great sculpts!

Neon Revan
Neon Revan

April 12, 2018

I love your miniatures from TGG1 and TGG2. TGG1 became obviously my Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum for 40k and TGG2 fleshed out my Dark Eldar for 40k. What I really love however are the Daughters of the Crucible. With some conversions (thanks to so many bits left from TGG1 – I love options and bits) they became my new Esher Gang for Necromunda. It feels amazing to have such a unique and great looking gang of crazy nuns wielding pistols, lasguns, grenade launchers and flame throwers.


April 12, 2018

For TGG3, would it be possible to see some “light” elves, both sci-fi and fantasy? There isnt nearly enough of normal elves around in the TGG style, and nothing that is anywhere near the quality, so its something i would really quite like to see.


April 12, 2018

I’m so happy to receive my Altar soon now. I can’t wait to read that small scrub:) You are the best.


April 11, 2018

for TGG3 consider adding a “Holy sisters” themed tank and or transport.
Or even some Sci-fi sisters on bikes!
They would be a big hit and it would be great to have more models that match and synergize with your other models.


April 11, 2018

Hello, what about the digital art book ? Regards


April 11, 2018

It was quite a nice surprise to see my army staring back at me at the bottom of a TGG update. I absolutely love this army, and have played a ton of games with it. Keep up the great work, guys!

Here’s link to the original Reddit post that pic is from, if anyone is interested:

Jan Goldbeck
Jan Goldbeck

April 10, 2018

Nice, you finished everything… But wait.. what happened to the Art book from the first project? I never recceived anything.
You had the time to create one for the Altar…

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