TGG2 Update #73 – Stories and Video for the Lust Elves - Raging Heroes

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April 12, 2017 4 min read 6 Comments

First, an exclusive first look at our Lust Elves video, followed by more Heroine backstories, a recap on the Lust Elves' background, and a few questions for our backers...

If you like this video, you can download a high-rez version from this page:


Elves Terminology


During the Kickstarter Campaign, the Fantasy version of the Lust Elves were be called the Flesh Elves. We have now decided to use 'Lust Elves' for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. As for our Sci-fi Dark Elves, we will possibly leave out the reference to Elves altogether when our game comes out.


Lady Melith, Lust Elves Courtesan


Lady Melith turned out to be one of our favourite character from TGG2, and will probably become a painter's favourite too.

By nature, the Lust Elves are shape-shifters, continuously altering their form, growing or losing limbs at will, and able to move like no other living thing could. Some of them use this ability as an infiltration tool to walk among humans undetected. And when they revert back to their preferred form, it is usually too late for their prey.

Lady Melith enjoys the power plays and intrigues that fill the Humans' corridors of power. Haunting ceremonies, balls, and festivities, she uses her otherworldly charms to seduce even the most hermetic souls, until she lets her mask down and terror seizes their heart.


Liligrith, Exsanguinatrix


Due to their physical “deformities”, it is pretty hard for the Lust Elves to pass undetected in a civilian environment.

That's where the Exsanguinatrixes come in.

These Lust Elves have a much less demonic appearance and they don't carry weapons except for the blades attached to their hair.

They don't hesitate to disguise themselves as “normal” people to pass undetected in a crowd. They can move extremely swiftly. But when they let down their hair...


Shaliah, Death Dancer Soloist


Shaliah is one of the greatest Death Dancers to have ever lived.

The deadly ballet of the Death Dancers is a truly amazing thing to witness as these surreal creatures move with unimaginable grace, perpetually morphing and transforming while new limbs grow and vanish from their body.

The sad thing, though, is that their hypnotic dance is most likely the last thing you'll ever see...


Vanvyissah, Lust Elves General


It is really hard to understand the motives behind the actions of the Lust Elves. Do they really have an agenda, or are they just having “fun” playing some very twisted games?

Whatever the answer, a few things can be ascertained about them. For example, they do seem to have some sort of hierarchy, together with some kind of military organisation.

And Vanvyssah is one of their most feared generals....


Background of the SciFi Lust Elves and the Fantasy Lust Elves

How our Lust Elves came to be and how they fit in both our Sci-Fi and Fantasy settings was covered in Update #70. And here's is some additional info on their fantasy version, which was introducedwas covered in early updates during the campaign..


The Fantasy version of the Lust Elves want to experience life in extreme ways.

The Burn certainly turned the Dark Elves into a bitter and angry race who wanted nothing but to seek revenge on the entire world.

Yet as the Dark Elves were digging deeper and deeper into dark magic rites, those who were to become the Lust Elves took a completely different view of their destiny. As magic was healing their broken bodies, they discovered for themselves a new hunger for life. With the magic increasingly flowing in their veins, they realised that they could be more than healed: they could be rebuilt into something new.

Suddenly, life, and the very experience of life, was no longer limited by any more physical boundaries. At the bottom of the dark pit of despair that had turned the Burnt Ones into an evil and vengeful race, they found total bliss and exhilaration with being alive and experience life with such heightened senses that every moment of being alive was becoming an amazing drug in itself.

Living in a permanent ecstatic state, the Lust Elves became only about experiencing as much as they could about anything that life could bring them, without any concept or morality, values, and consequences.

Although most people consider them as a deeply evil race, the reality is more complex. The Lust Elves are capable of truly anything, from the very unimaginable worst to things that would be considered acts of sainthood. But the innate selfishness and apparent randomness of their actions makes them a menace to the rest of the world.

They could be described as a plague of locusts that descend on the world just to extract from it the most amazing and extreme lustful nourishment it can provide.

We'd love your feedback:

We want to particularly thank those of you who have shared their feedback on the stories and backgrounds in the previous Updates.

You can read our replies to your feedback in the comments below the Dark/Void Elves Update.

We haven't yet written up our replies for the Sisters Update, so feel free to add your voice before we do.

And for this update, do tell:

  • What do you think about the Lust Elves?

  • What else would you like to know about them?

  • Does the fact that the Fantasy Lust Elves are not a purely evil race, but more of a strongly chaotic and hedonistic force change your view on them? If so, how?

  • It's hard to conceive of a race whose every member is evil. In Game of Thrones, for example, it is very obvious that many characters are neither completely evil nor good, or have a quite different take on life than their relatives. So in your opinion, what motivations could drive good, or not-so-evil/twisted characters?

  • And finally, how would your Lust Elves army see the world? What would its goal be? Who would be its sworn enemy? Who might it consider its ally?

Looking forward to hearing from you in the Comments below.

6 Responses


May 07, 2017

its been a month since the last update…any news when we will receive our orders? Thank you!.


April 22, 2017

All of your figures are awesome, but you’ve really done that little bit extra with the Lust Elves. Could you please tell me when Yscarloth is going to be released. I definitely must have her in my army.
Thank you.


April 12, 2017

" What do you think about the Lust Elves?"
[Generic praise]

“What else would you like to know about them?”
The brief biography of an individual from birth to modern day as an example character.

“Does the fact that the Fantasy Lust Elves are not a purely evil race, but more of a strongly chaotic and hedonistic force change your view on them? If so, how?”
Your Dudes is one of the best parts of wargaming. Tabletops like Shadowrun and vidya like Fallout New Vegas show how choosing how good or bad you want to be can be more fun than exploring the trope hat given to you.

" It’s hard to conceive of a race whose every member is evil. In Game of Thrones, for example, it is very obvious that many characters are neither completely evil nor good, or have a quite different take on life than their relatives. So in your opinion, what motivations could drive good, or not-so-evil/twisted characters?"
Excitement in a difficult game resulting in a good baron in an evil kingdom, a lawyer who prosecutes the truly guilty in a corrupt system, a spy in a hostile land. Pursuit of visual splendor can include gardening and general Druid behavior, healing the injured and removing scars, sculpting and creating new life likea Fey being. Once a trophy is taken the results of the hunt like meat, skins, gold from dragons, can be distributed as seen fit to increase the adulation heaped on the hunter. A Matchmaker/orphan matron looking to control a population over generations and steer them into perfection like a horse breeder.

“And finally, how would your Lust Elves army see the world? What would its goal be? Who would be its sworn enemy? Who might it consider its ally?”
Mischief makers. General “don’t fuck with them” Feyfolk.
Pursuit of entertainment, revenge against sleight.
Ultimately steering the world into a greater theater to watch to raucous enjoyment or to jump on stage and muck about in. Like Maleficent combined with They Live combined with Gremlins.


April 12, 2017

Just idea. Shadow war Armagedon looks like big deal now. Will be probably cool for you to do some bundles for that. I dont need cuz I have most your stuff :) and wait for more from KS.


April 12, 2017

After “The Burn” the branch of the Elven tree that was to become the Lust Elves discovered, and became addicted to, ecstatic healing and body sculpting.

As their physical forms healed their sprits became ever more damaged and they discovered that they had to slow down the constant shape shifting or devolve into mindless, ever hungry, beasts of pleasure.

While all the Lust Elves can shape shift at will, only the most powerfully disciplined among them do so often. For all the Lust Elves their preferred form defines their personal identity and is assumed in times of stress or crisis. For the Lust Elves the fight for identity of self is far more important than the battle for physical survival. For this reason they focus a lot of their energy on refining and perfecting their preferred form.

For the majority of the Lust Elves their preferred form also establishes their membership in the various communities, cults, and family groups of their society.

These various groups tend to sport similar traits based on the preferred form of their leadership… Lust Elves are, by their nature, not entirely in control of their preferred form and tend to emulate the forms and features of those they admire unless they willfully, and determinedly seek to resist this feature. This does not mean that they are so much like their leader as to be a clone…. but they usually share enough traits and features in their preferred form for their sub-group affiliations to be determined at a glance.

Because this tendency towards “wearing their heart on their sleeve” gives the regular Lust Elf a sort of uniform of allegiance it is difficult for them to spend much time in honest interaction outside of their group. Inevitable changes in form and appearance that such interaction induces are often viewed with suspicion and distrust by other members of the group/family/faction/cult.

Elites and heroines, of course, have a much stronger sense of their personal identity and are often more able to resist spontaneous modifications to their preferred forms that regular Lust Elves might experience simply from exposure to a powerful personality. As a result they tend to be the face of their group and adopt highly identifiable preferred forms.

This means that Lust Elf Heroines and Elites have, by definition very strong, very forceful, very dominant personalities that are inwardly focused and overtly self centered.

In this way, hedonism, selfishness, and conceit are not evil traits… they are the necessary key for survival to a race that is assaulted for every moment of its existence by the ecstasy of constant physical flux.

Friends and allies for such a race would be few. Non shifting races tend to be terrified by the abilities of “at will” shifters. Lust Elf society tends to cultivate paranoia as a survival trait and often “overthinks” the motivations of potential allies and move to protect themselves from impending treachery by their erstwhile allies…. by stabbing them in the back. This, well deserved and completely natural, reputation means that the Lust Elves are considered allies of last resort in the long term but are powerful for short term arrangements. The Lust Elves make good allies for a single mission or event but make awful friends or long term partners.

Cultures with strong or coercive moral rules will be the perennial foes of the Lust Elves while less judgemental societies are well advised to keep them at arms length.


April 12, 2017

The backstory has promise but it’ll be good to know why they are fighting and who they’re specific armies are. The background does remind me of the World of Warcraft movie setting. Just like not all orcs in the movie were bad, it seems to be the same with these folk.
It’d be nice if background can be added to the individual characters too.

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