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April 28, 2021 2 min read

Skinners, Hunters & more Void Elves painted: Kabal squads on a rampage!

So you're thinking about building a new Kabal style army, and you're looking at our famous Void Elves?

This army is super popular among hobbyists with the new Drukhari rules bringing cool flavour and totally new army builds! Kabalite Warriors, Wracks, and Incubi are seeing more and more play so we've put together some epic paint jobs from our community to give you some inspiration!

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Void Elves on your painting table

So here's a selection of cool painted models, enjoy! We hope these will inspire you to spread terror among the galaxy with the Void Elves!

Let's start with a converted Shiveryah by Hayden S. : " I couldn't resist converting her up with a skyboard to ride/leap off of and a trusty bird sidekick. I look forward to seeing her chew through some infantry on the tabletop!"  :

    And now a whole Void Elves squad by Geoff King:
      A full squad of Executrix by Atomic Floozy, using his Void Elves as Xeogs, here's an excerpt from his review: " Female miniatures which can be used in various science fiction and fantasy games, but are aimed as alternative sculpts for use in Warhammer 40K. Their answer to GWs Dark Eldar are the Void Elves. It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to see the Void Elves as Xeog boarding parties or privateers in the 5150 verse. So, I purchased the Void Raiders Extended Pack. "
        The Hunters, ready to kill by Jonathan G! His comment: 
        " A great alternative to other miniatures with immaculate detailing "
          One of the Hunters Troopers by Raphael V , who wrote in his review that the minis were highly posable and convertible!

            Another Hunter by Tyler Michael S. , here's what he thinks about these models: "It's a great option if you want to spice up your Dark Eldar armies."
              A beautiful Shiveryah by Ben @StrikeWarp:
              " Absolutely loved painting this and didn't want to stop! Probably spent about 15 hours total. Really learned a lot from painting this model. "
                Another one by Calmtie!
                  And Shiveryah again in a warmer colour theme by Maxime L :

                    The Executrix in a blue theme by Mini Swelter:

                      Last but not least, an interesting conversion of Asharah by Joel N. :


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                        You want to see more?

                        Check out this blog post featuring more photos!

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