Build A Sisters Army: Part 1 - Raging Heroes

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April 28, 2021 3 min read

Building a Wargaming Army

Itching to start a new hobby project, we are putting together an epic Sisters of Eternal Mercy force to do battle on the tabletop!

In the first part of this blog mini-series we'll decide what type of army we want to build and pick the awesome characters to as Generals and Heroes!

Choosing Our Army!

First things first, we need to figure out what sort of army we want, any units we like, and the cool models we want to use.

We like the idea of building an order of warriors from a barbaric world that breeds hard, unforgiving soldiers. Troops that adorn their armour with skulls and totems, tokens of their deeds and the enemies they have slain!

This has mostly come from looking around our Raging Heroes webstore and always being drawn back to the Holy Blades, and Vanquishers. The chained skulls, censors and ornate armour will help build the armies narrative and make the whole force look really cool!

So after flicking through the rule book for our chosen gaming system we've decided on the awesome list we want to use to represent this army.

It calls on fast, savage, close combat units as a hammer, backed up by units full of firepower as an anvil. And of course, we cannot forget some awesome heroes and generals to give a boost to the whole army.


We think it would be cool to have one of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy's established heroes to lead this army of religious barbarians. As an outsider brought in to turn a new band of fearsome warriors into a cohesive army within the Sisters organisation!

Leariah St Clair, Arch Canoness

For that we definitely want Leariah St Clair, Arch Canoness. Her awesome pose and powerful expression makes her idea to lead this band of fighters into battle.

Her armour looks like it was created and sanctified by the best artificers the Sisters have to offer. None of the Skulls, barbaric totems, or warpaint that will be feature throughout the rest of the troops. She will clearly be the leader of the troop, but an outsider too.

Reyallia, Sanctifier of the First Legion

For the second in command Reyallia, Sanctifier of the First Legion would fit in with the close combat savagery we are looking to build into our force.

Who doesn't love a wicked flaming sword!

Reyallia, will be awesome as a lieutenant born on our feral world and raised through the ranks.

Heroes of the order

Next, we need a couple of other characters to fill out some key army roles, providing out close combat troops with boosts as they charge into combat.

Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns

Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns, carrying a hallowed relic of the order into battle will make a cool centrepiece to the army as she follows the Arch-Canoness across the battlefield, combining their aura abilities.

 With the skulls hanging from her belt and dangerous mechanical fist, she looks like she has been in some heavy fights and can do some real damage!

 What's Next?

Coming up in Part 2 we'll look at adding the flair in our army with a chunk of elite units!

This is where the theme and look of the force will be solidified with our big, damage dealing units! Expect a load of close combat beasts and some ornately armoured bodyguards!

Until then, let us know what do you think? Give us some ideas for paint schemes and names to go along with our theme!

And are there any characters we've missed out that you would include?

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