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March 15, 2020 2 min read

TL/DR:  The Raging crew is working safely and shipping continues normally.

Being based in France in these weird times, we are no exception to the quarantine measures regarding the COVID-19. And we have good new for your orders.


1 - Shipping continues - tracking is now provided for all parcels

First of all, we just got the confirmation from the government: postal services and shipping are maintained, so your packages are still being delivered worldwide! We also decided to give you free tracking on all parcels (you pay for regular shipping and you will automatically get tracking for no extra costs). Read details here.


2 - Safety measures

Then, we wanted to let you know that we took all the safety measures we can to optimise safety in our workplace:

1 - All the team is now working from home except for shipping (see next item).

2 - Shipping department: we have re-arranged work schedules so team members don't work the same day/hours, to limit any contact. Shipping continues on all work days, and the post office services collect our packages daily. 

3 - Storage safety and cleaning: instead of toilet paper, we ran to the store and got gloves and cleaning products to ensure that all working surfaces in the storage are cleansed several times a day, to avoid any contamination, including when manipulating your models!

4 - THE MINIATURES: despite being full of life and movement, our miniatures are still inanimate objects, so there's no contamination documented between humans and miniatures;) So in case you were wondering, you're totally safe when opening a Raging Heroes package. Plus, some of our miniatures are wearing masks :

Please do consider staying home whenever possible and stay safe. It's probably the perfect time to paint these minis you've been wanting to do for ever and learn new modelling and painting skills thanks to YouTube endless streams of cool videos. 

Questions? Comments? Contact us at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com!


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