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March 16, 2020 2 min read

Edit March 30th:
Orders are being packed on our end within 24 hours as usual (except week-ends, of course). However, the French postal service does not use the same process as usual, which means that your order may appeared not sent or delayed for a few days even if it is already in their system. Currently while the French postal services are now operating with reduced staff, they told us that there is much less mail in the system, and that is why we have not been advised of significant delays so far.

Posted March 16th:
As in the coming weeks you might have to stay home and have a lot of time on your hands, we wanted to confirm that you'll be able to have your Raging Heroes Minis delivered to your door. And that you're now getting tracked shipping at the price of regular shipping :)

In summary:

  • Shipping continues worldwide 
  • Starting now, we automatically includes Tracking on ALL our shipments, at no extra cost to you

We waited for our French President speech this evening before making this announcements, as we were awaiting to see if the latest measures would affect the shipping of your miniatures. We can now confirm that we are able to continue shipping orders worldwide.The movements of persons has been restricted, but not the movements of goods.

However, for additional peace of mind for all, we have decided to decrease our shipping prices for you and, effective immediately, to provide tracking for all our parcels at no additional cost to you.

All orders OVER 60€ now all ship WITH Tracking for FREE!
Orders UNDER 60€ now all ship WITH tracking for a flat rate of 6.90€.

Stay safe, and don't roam around like our Jet Girl ;)



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