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Noble Ranks Of The Sisterhood Are Bolstered!

January 28, 2021 2 min read

Noble Ranks Of The Sisterhood Are Bolstered!

The righteous knights bound to the Sisters of Eternal Mercy race across the battlefield, brining their new reinforcements to bare against all types of foe!

With everything we released last year you would be forgiven for having missed some of these holy armoured warriors. 2020 saw the ranks of the sisterhood swell with deadly machines, swift bikers, and heavily armed troops, all lead by the most gallant sisters the order has to offer.

New heroines arrived to focus and direct the violence unleashed by The Sisters of Eternal Mercy:

Leariah St Clair, Arch Canoness commands entire armies of the sisterhood, leading them to victory on warzones across the length and breadth of the galaxy. 

Excelsiel the Immaculate carries the Sanctified Oriflamme of Fortitude into the centre of every battlefield she steps onto, uplifting the spirits of the sisters around her. 

Bringing their holy wrath to bear against any foe are the new troops of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy. 

Lumeriel, Antesys, and Philiah stride into the fray on their War Pulpits, the Machines of Theodicy. Psychically linked to these potent walkers they lash out at any nearby enemy, primal instincts taking over and unleashing pure rage.

Facing off against endless enemy hordes the Sisters sought out ways to bring incredible amounts of firepower to bear. And so units of Revengers, Heavy Weapons Squads were mustered together. Wielding the heavier versions of the Sister's flamers, machine guns, and fusion guns no enemy can stand against them.

Speed and death bust out of the smoke billowing across war torn cities as the Hell Riders hunt for their next prey. Pulled from the ranks of Daughters of the Crucible, these sisters are adept at fighting unsupported, able to improvise and disrupt the enemy where ever they go. 

Last to arrive for the Sisters in 2020 were the special edition Daughters of the Crucible, Day of the Dead Edition! 

Left without support from Catherdra these sisters found their way down into the dark underbelly of the galaxy, protecting the innocent from street gangs, slavers, and worse. As well as a dirty street fighting style, the Daughters of the Crucible also developed a deeper and more colourful relationship with death, a result of seeing it everyday.

All these amazing Sisters of Eternal Mercy miniatures are available now in our store! Reinforce your own army and bring the teachings of the Theocracy to the furthest corners of the galaxy.

Stay tuned for the next faction focus for our releases from 2020 (next up are the Blood Tribes!), as well as news on MORE releases for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy.

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