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January 29, 2021 2 min read

They had been forgotten in space for too many years...

Aboard the Ark, drifting in space, meant to bring back to Cathedra what was left of life on Earth, a sample of each gene and each book, idea, data that they could salvage from the ravaged Earth.

Trapped in the void of space, the Sisters of the Ark discovered something... Unexpected. What dark and foul miracle took place inside the ship?

When the Ark reached its final destination, and its bulkhead doors opened, what came out had been corrupted by seven dark damnations. The crew of the ship had become the Corrupted Sisters, split into seven evil dominions...

Xeryell launches her Reign of Destruction at the head of the Corrupted Sisters. Such is the power granted her from the seven dark damnations she can appear in many forms, perfect to bring savagery to bear against those who would stand in her way. 

Xeryell, Lady of the Dominion of Hatred

 As Lady of the Dominion of Hatred, Xeryell walks the battlefield shoulder-to-shoulder with her most trusted sisters of hatred, all equally twisted by hatred and despair. What strange mystery has turned these pious sisters into bloodthirsty, enraged warmongers is still unknown.

Xeryell, Queen of the Dominion of Hatred

When enraged Xeryell manifests herself as Queen of the Dominion of Hatred to lead her army of corruption and hate. She advances relentlessly through enemy ranks, her leathery wings obscuring the sun as she towers over those she is moments from striking down. In this demon form, a single swing of her demonic blade can halt the advance of a full squad and sends her enemies fleeing in terror!

Xeryell, Avatar of the Dominion of Hatred

When the Avatar of Xeryell is summoned to the battlefield she brings with her a cloying darkness that covers the sky and blots out the sun. Not even the most steadfast and bold heroes can hope survive the night she calls forth. 

Any lucky enough to escape slaughter at Xeryell's hand cannot live on after witnessing such uncaged fury, their minds beset by rage and hatred, they themselves become corrupted, vessels for the seven dark damnations.

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