New TGG release: 9 Heavy Weapons Teams!

It's time to upgrade your strike force with our new Heavy Weapons Teams. Finally available from the Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy collection, here comes the missing squad to complete your armed-to-the-teeth troops and lead them to victory.

The Iron Empire, the KST and the Jailbirds all get their own 3 different Heavy Weapons Team. Each squad comes with 1 artillery base, 2 different weapon mounts, 2 servants, 2 extra heads, 1 pair of alternative legs, 1 extra pair of arms, 1x40 mm round base and 2x25 mm round bases.

About the weapon mounts, the team #01 will open fire with a Mortar and a Cannon. Team #02 will intensify the attack with a Gatling and a Machine Gun, and Team #03 will finish the enemy with a Rocket Launcher and an Energy Gun.

Now, we're talking about some serious heavy artillery...

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