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May 11, 2021 2 min read

You've printed a load of epic miniatures from this months Heroes Infinite?

You've got a full pantheon of vengeful gods, a band of almighty heroes and horde of destructive creatures sit waiting... now what?

It's time to run an epic adventure, of course!

Maybe one of your adventuring party wants to run a character that hails from the bloodline of Anubis and has his ancestor as a patron.

Perhaps your party travels to the cursed sands, navigating deadly terrain, hidden traps and creepy monsters to uncover the treasure of ancient times hidden away.

Or maybe its both, and an adventurer who is the descendant of an Egyptian God comes to claim their dominion, overthrowing the current royal court with support of their fellow adventurers and the backing of 1 God over another. 

Whatever it is you need, we have gathered some brilliant resources to help you run the most epic adventure possible.


Ancient Egypt is often thought of as just desert and pyramids, but ancient documents highlight how lush and green the land can be. Fed by the mighty Nile, great farm land and waterways carried goods and people right up to the edge of massive ancient monuments, allowing travel up and down the empire.

Setting your campaign around a huge Nile-like river, with a thriving river community can give your adventure a richer, more in-depth feel.

With so many pop culture references to Ancient Egyptian culture and history it may sometimes be difficult to break away from what your players expect to see and what they anticipate in your adventure. 

Use that to your advantage. Building some of those expectations into your game will make it easier for them to feel comfortable in the world you create. They will more easily relate to the things you describe (and lets face it, who wants to play around in an Egyptian setting without raiding the tomb at the bottom of a Pyramid?). 

This familiarity can also be great to use against your players. Surprise them with something unexpected, that doesn't fit into the pop culture references but does fit into the Egyptian theme. The jump scare will be that much better!


Looking for some modules to get help with adventures, villains, and dungeons? 

There is always the 1st Edition Pharoah module. There would be some updates needed to bring it in line with 5E, but it'll give you a jumping off point, and would be cool to run a retro campaign. 

 DMs Guild has some cool alternatives if you want to just grab a book without the need for updates. 

Shifting Sands is an Egyptian themed book, and Al-Qadim gives a more Arabian Nights style adventure, but with your fantasy setting this might be just the ticket! 


Have you ran a great Ancient Egyptian themed adventure? Do you have any handy resources you use when planning a cursed tomb or cut-throat royal court adventure? Then let us know so we can spread the knowledge for future resource guides. 

Need some Egyptian minis to run an adventure now that you are full of epic ideas?

Head over to our Patreon before the end of May to access 

Gods and Heroes of Egypt

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