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May 07, 2021 2 min read

Building a Wargaming Army:
Elite models for Elite troops

Following on from Part 1 in this blog series, now we are looking at filling out some of the cool Elite troops in our army. 

We want out epic Sisters of Eternal Mercy force to look amazing on the tabletop and a big selection of ornately armoured Elites will make that happen!


With the theme and background for our force being inspired by the cool look of the Holy Blades, and Vanquishers we will have to make sure they are included, but there is still room for even more!

It's a good job there is a lot of choice for epic warriors in the Sisters of Eternal Mercy range...

Elite Bodyguards

Lets start with some Vanquishers then. A solid unit that will give us some elite firepower while protecting our General. 

We want this unit to stand out from the regular troop units as befits their rank. Just using another unit of regular sisters wont help our army stand out on the battlefield, and it'll be more difficult to tell which models represent which units when we are in the middle of a massive game. 

So, ornately armoured, kick-ass warriors to represent one of our Elite units is a must!

Armoured Combat Beasts!

Next up are some Holy Blades! Partly responsible for the whole theme of this army, they are a must! 

The set of army rules we have chosen to use has slots for shield bearing, armoured combat beats. Sword wielding barbaric warriors fits in well with our theme, and is a really fun way to play. Lots of choppy choppy!!

Demon Slayers!

 Last addition to our Elite units are some savage Davidians! Again they really fit in with our theme of barbaric warriors from a feral world, employed by the Sisters for their ferocity. 

With those enormous swords and light armour they suit the role of berserkers, carelessly charging into battle regardless of the danger.

The unit we are going to use them for on the tabletop gets an absolute ton of attacks as they rage out and swing those swords about. Not as survivable as our Holy Blades, but able to cause more damage, so nice to be able to include both in our army!

 What's Next?

Coming up in Part 3 we'll look at adding the heavy hitters for our army with battle line troops and heavy support units!

We'll need some units to back up these Elites, give them covering fire, and help secure objectives on the tabletop while still fitting in with our theme. If you missed part 1 of the series you can read it here and find out what the theme for this force is, and who is going to lead them into battle!

Until then, let us know what do you think? How would you paint these Elites, would they be the same as the rest of the army or would you change it up a bit?

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