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June 25, 2020 1 min read

Collector Model + Jailbirds Flash Sale: meet Kimmie Lulu !

We're happy to introduce you to Kimmie Lulu! It's an exclusive limited model that you can only get as a gift when you place an order above 99 euros in the shop! She will be automatically added to your cart. That's the only way to get this one!

Kimmie Lulu will only be available for a limited time, don't wait too long to get this one!

Jailbirds Gone Wild : Flash Sale!

And now it's time to build up your army. We're having a special Flash Sale here:

Get your 3rd box half price!*

*Add any of the Jailbirds Troops, Vehicles or Character Boxes, and the third one will automatically get 50% off!

*Add any of the Jailbirds Troops, Vehicles or Heroines Boxes to your cart: the third and least expensive box will be automatically 50% off!

Coyote Crew Troops
Coyote Crew Command Group
Howling Jackals All-Star
Wild Dogs All-Star
Jailbirds Heroines Box 1, 2, 3 & 4
Roxy Rumble on Bike
Jailbirds Combat Trike
Jailbirds Warbikes Squad
Jailbirds Mecha

Don't wait too long, the sale will end in the first week of July, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so we remind you before it's over!


The Jailbirds Coyote Crew as Imperial Squad

How could you use these troopers? Here's a diorama from Johnny KS Wong featuring the Coyote Crew painted as Imperial Squad:



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