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February 13, 2020 1 min read

Episode 2: OnTableTop / Beasts of War Video Series - Altar of The Succubi

 And here's the second video! In this one John shows you how to fill the gaps:

The Collector Edition: few days only!

We have a Valentine's Day Collection featuring exclusive limited editions, including the Altar of The Succubi! And you can still build the regular version (see image above) if you wish. Anyway, don't miss this collector edition, there's only 9 left!

The Mystery Dark Elf Trooper: free model!*

In case you missed that, this month only, you will get a free Dark Elf Trooper with any order over 99 euros! It could be one of the 5 different troops, like a SpearWoman for example:


More Flash Sales coming up!

Don't forget to join our newsletter and keep an eye on it (here's how to "white-list" us) because we will have other Flash Sales with limited quantities... 



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