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February 15, 2020 1 min read

Get ready for an invasion of brand new demonic characters! The Corrupted Sisters is a new army that will take over gaming tables worldwide... And the first release is a big one: the Avatar of the Dominion of Hatred, a gigantic 8.3 inches high model!

Corrupted Sisters? How did that happen?

They had been forgotten in space for too many years...

Aboard the Ark, drifting in space, meant to bring back to Cathedra what was left of life on Earth, a sample of each gene and each book, idea, data that they could salvage from the ravaged Earth.

Trapped in the void of space, the Sisters of the Ark turned into something unexpected. What dark and foul miracle took place inside the ship?

When the Ark reached its final destination, and its bulkhead doors opened, what came out had been corrupted by seven dark damnations. The crew of the ship had become the Corrupted Sisters, split into seven evil dominions...

Meet the first release from the Dominion of Hatred, its Avatar Xeryell:

More photos of Avatar Xeryell:

Go big or go home: Killer Packs!

We have new outstanding demonic packs featuring this brand new model and other creatures, check them out!

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