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July 08, 2020 1 min read

Creepy yet elegant?🕷️ Meet the Servants of the Spider Goddess!

We're so pumped to bring you this  new set of miniatures! We honestly think they are some of the best driders models ever seen:take a look at the Servants of the Spider Goddess!

Customizable Packs!

Don't know which ones to get? 
Looking for the best deal?

-Doom Weavers Packs (featuring the Spider Mother!)

Death Weavers Packs (featuring Faliriah The Executioner)

Tutorial for homemade bases

IMPORTANT: Depending on how you assemble them and if they're not attached to a base, you will notice that some of the heroines might tend to fall backward . So here's a very easy tutorial on how to make a quick and simple homemade cardboard base!

Why don't we provide bases with these models? The plastic bases necessary for this release were nearly impossible to source and would have added a significant amount to already expensive models. So we decided to share with you the way we make our own bases. It's fast, fun and super cheap and it's perfect for big models like these!

Photos of these Giant Spiders!

These models were originally released as 3D Printable files on our Patreon, Heroes Infinite, a few months ago. So here are a few photos from our Patrons that have printed and painted these beasts. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration while waiting to receive yours!

By Devon Jones:

By Bethany Leighann:

By Red Comet Paints:
By Aaron East:
By Tillan SMooth:

By Yessik:

Painting the Spider Mother

Need more inspiration? Check out this stunning paintjob on the Spider Mother Syl-Yarath:

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