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Doom Weavers Packs (DE - F)

SAVE with these Packs featuring the all new Spiders models!

Choose your Pack :
  • A: 4 Heroines Spiders + Arachnites Chosen Warriors + Spider Mother Syl-Yarath
  • B: 4 Heroines Spiders + Spider Mother Syl-Yarath
  • C: 4 Heroines Spiders + Arachnites Chosen Warriors
  • D: 4 Heroines Spiders

The models:

    Arachnites Chosen Warriors:
  • Rakkiiz, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).
  • Kh'mett, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).
  • Slizaarii, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).
  • Mnephira, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).
    The Spider Mother Syl-Yarath:
  • Syl-Yarath, hive queen of the Lust Elves will make a smashing centerpiece on your gaming table! If you are familiar with our non-Kickstarter range, and if you have read the story of Syl-Iriah, the Spirit of the Woods, you may have guessed that this Spider Mother is the negative aspect of Syl-Iriah, her dark, winter form. By the way, the gaping maw below her torso is not something she uses to devour her preys but to weave flesh out of her own body to create a trail of mindless warriors.
    And get this: From floor to highest point: 140mmand his footprint: 205mm x 155mm

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is 35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames.
No Bases provided

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