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September 30, 2019 1 min read

Seems like evil models are trendy this fall! The new Blood Tribes are making a killing, as a few Dark Elves came back from the Void, stronger than ever...

1 - Mounted on an Oriniax, a massive wild animal that only tribeswomen are able to tame, Krezia the Black easily took the first place a few weeks after her release:

 - The Furianns! Chaos keep spreading as these Barbarians have been on a rampage since their release last month:

3 - And here's a surprise assault from the Void Elves: The Sci-Fi Blood Vestals were trending this month! 

Painting these models

Talking about our Sci-Fi Dark Elves, we've published a blog post featuring photos of models painted for Dark Eldars such as Drukhari, Kabalite Warrirors and more, check it out! 

Also we've just published a blog with photos of Furianns painted and used as a Mordheim Warband, it might give you ideas on how to paint them: click here!

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