Painting 💀 Furianns as a Mordheim Warband - Raging Heroes

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September 29, 2019 1 min read

If you are familiar with Raging Heroes, you probably heard about our Furianns because in just a few months they took over the best sellers! These blood thirsty Barbarians have been on a rampage since their release, and spreading chaos across gaming and painting tables...

Today we're sharing the work of Inke Say, a fellow German wargamer who decided to use his Furianns as a Mordheim Warband.

Inke first discovered Raging Heroes a long time ago on the GW-Fanworld Forum (a  German Games Workshop community), looking at Dark Elves models. Then he recently stumbled across our new Furianns on Instagram. " I loved them instantly, and then some of my mates asked me to start play Mordheim, so I had found my ladies for my warband! "


Other Mordheim Warbands with Raging Heroes

These Furianns make a badass warband and it works perfectly! But if you're less on the evil side, we've seen other Mordheim Warbands turning out really good for Sisters of Sigmar. Our now famous Holy Blades are great female Paladins, or here this Augusta, Mother Superior, painted by Pascal Rooze:


More Furianns Characters

You really like the Furianns? Check out this post with video + photos of their mounted leader, Krezia the Black (great model for Wood Elf General, Chaos Lord or Mounted Barbarian).

Tell us in the comments if you're using Raging Heroes models for other warbands, we're curious!

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